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Microsoft OneDrive has announced a new and improved experience that makes it easier for users to access, organize and share files. The new OneDrive experience offers a quicker and simpler way to access and share files, and it is designed to help users get to files quickly and keep their content organized in multiple ways.


The new features and upgraded design make it faster to get to all personal, shared, and team files in OneDrive so that users can be more productive. Let's take a close look at the new features and enhancements of Microsoft OneDrive.


Microsoft OneDrive Unveils New Fast, Personalized, and Organized Features
What's new and improved in Microsoft OneDrive?


What's new and improved in Microsoft OneDrive?

The new OneDrive home page experience reduces the time to find files, so users can spend more time doing. The "For You" area uses AI-powered file recommendations to surface files personalized to each user, bringing the most relevant, time-sensitive content to the top of OneDrive.


The rich, context-based organization is also available, such as views that show recent, shared, and favorite files from meetings. Inline activity updates let users catch up on files at a glance or jump right to comments in files that they want to address.



Additionally, OneDrive offers a new Shared view where users can see all the files that have been shared with them in one place. The People view organizes files by the people users are working with, while the Meetings view surfaces all files shared during meetings and meeting chats, notes, and loops. OneDrive also allows users to filter files by type, making it easier to find files.


Furthermore, OneDrive is introducing colored folders that allow users to add a touch of personality to their OneDrive.


Microsoft OneDrive Unveils New Fast, Personalized, and Organized Features
What's new and improved in Microsoft OneDrive?



Users can also manage and find important files using the two new features, Favorites, and File Shortcuts. Favorites let users easily favorite files in OneDrive, and all favorites will appear in one organized view, no matter which app was used to favorite them. Users can also add File Shortcut links to shared content within existing OneDrive folders.


Additionally, OneDrive has optimized its unified file-sharing experience across Microsoft 365, rebuilding the sharing dialog so that it's less cluttered and simpler to use.



Finally, the OneDrive experience will be available in the Files app in Teams. Users will get a consistent and familiar OneDrive experience whether they are using OneDrive in their browser or working out of Microsoft Teams. The Files app in Teams will let users easily discover their recent and shared files, whether they are from chats, channels, or meetings.


Overall, the new OneDrive experience offers faster, more organized, and personalized access to files, making it easier to collaborate with others and be more productive.


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