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In an era where digital collaboration and efficient task management are paramount, Microsoft has once again raised the bar with its latest update to the popular web browser, Microsoft Edge. With version 114.0.1823.37, Microsoft introduces a game-changing feature called Edge Workspaces, designed to transform the way users organize and collaborate on their browsing tasks.


This article delves into the remarkable functionality of Microsoft Edge Workspaces, highlighting its key features and exploring the benefits it brings to individuals, teams, and organizations. We will also take a closer look at the latest policy updates accompanying this release, offering users greater control and customization options for their browsing experience.


Experience Next-Level Collaboration with Edge Workspaces in Microsoft Edge
Enhance Teamwork and Efficiency with Edge Workspaces in Microsoft Edge


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge version 114.0.1823.37?

Edge Workspaces provides a seamless way for customers to organize their browsing tasks into dedicated windows. With this feature, users can create workspaces and share sets of browser tabs with their colleagues, allowing working groups to view the same websites and access the latest working files in one convenient place. This ensures everyone stays on the same page and can collaborate effectively.


Each Edge Workspace functions as an independent entity, containing its own set of tabs and favorites. Users have full control over the creation and curation of their workspaces, allowing them to tailor the browsing experience to their specific needs. Whether it's a project team, a research group, or a department within an organization, Edge Workspaces enable seamless collaboration and information sharing.



One of the key benefits of Edge Workspaces is the automatic saving and synchronization of data. As users make changes to their workspaces, such as adding or removing tabs, the updates are automatically saved and reflected across all devices and collaborators. This ensures that everyone working on the project has access to the most up-to-date information, reducing confusion and increasing productivity.


To learn more about Microsoft Edge Workspaces and how to get started, users can refer to the official documentation provided by Microsoft. The comprehensive guide offers detailed instructions and tips on utilizing this exciting new feature to its full potential.



In addition to the introduction of Edge Workspaces, the latest update also includes some policy updates to further enhance the browsing experience. These policy changes provide users and administrators with greater control and customization options. Let's take a look at the key policy updates:


New Policies

  1. StandaloneHubsSidebarEnabled: This policy enables the standalone sidebar, allowing users to access their preferred tools and features conveniently. By enabling this policy, users can have quick access to essential functionalities within the browser.
  2. ShowDownloadsToolbarButton: With this policy, users can choose to display the Downloads button on the toolbar, providing easy access to downloaded files.



Obsoleted Policy

  1. MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled: This policy determined whether the Microsoft Root Store and built-in certificate verifier were used to verify server certificates. However, it has been obsoleted and is no longer applicable.



Additional Policy Changes

  1. EnhanceSecurityMode: The BasicMode of this policy has been deprecated. Users are encouraged to explore other security modes for an enhanced browsing experience.
  2. EdgeWorkspacesEnabled: If this policy is not configured, users will have access to the Microsoft Edge Workspaces feature by default. Administrators can customize this policy to control access to Edge Workspaces as per their organization's requirements.



Microsoft Edge continues to evolve with regular updates and new features aimed at improving user productivity, security, and collaboration. The introduction of Edge Workspaces in this latest release demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to delivering innovative tools that empower users and teams to work more efficiently together.


Users can download and update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge to experience the benefits of Edge Workspaces and take advantage of the enhanced policy options. Stay tuned for further updates and exciting features from Microsoft as they strive to make browsing smarter and more collaborative than ever before.


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