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As it is the second Tuesday of the month, it's time to patch all supported versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Being the sixth patch of the year, Microsoft started rolling out the Windows 11 June 2023 Patch Tuesday (KB5027223 and KB5027231) update for versions 21H2 and 22H2.


Windows 11 Patch Tuesday (KB5027223, KB5027231) update includes a few security fixes and other improvements. To know more about the fixes and improvements in this build, and to download the Windows 11 KB5027223, KB5027231 update offline installer, continue reading further.


Windows 11 (KB5027223, KB5027231) June 2023 Patch Tuesday update is now available
Windows 11 (KB5027223, KB5027231) June 2023 Patch Tuesday update is now available


Windows 11 KB5027223, KB5027231 update - What's new and improved

This version adds a few security enhancements and fixes to the internal workings of the OS. The following bugs and enhancements have been addressed by the Windows 11 KB5027223, KB5027231 update:

  • This update addresses a known issue that affects 32-bit apps that are large address aware and use the CopyFile API. You might have issues when you save, copy, or attach files. If you use some commercial or enterprise security software that uses extended file attributes, this issue will likely affect you. For Microsoft Office apps, this issue only affects the 32-bit versions. You might receive the error, "Document not saved".
  • This update addresses a compatibility issue. The issue occurs because of unsupported use of the registry.
  • This update addresses an issue that affects the Windows Kernel. This issue is related to CVE-2023-32019.



In addition to that, the latest update brings exciting changes to searchindexer.exe. Previously, some users experienced a problem where searchindexer.exe would stop working after signing out. This issue specifically occurred after upgrading to Windows 11 Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and signing in to the machine. With the new update, Microsoft has resolved this issue, ensuring that searchindexer.exe functions properly even after signing out.


Another critical fix in this update is related to Server Message Block (SMB) shared folders. Previously, users encountered errors such as "Not enough memory resources" or "Insufficient system resources" when attempting to access SMB-shared folders. With the latest update, Microsoft has addressed this issue, ensuring smooth access to SMB-shared folders without encountering memory-related errors.



The update also tackles an issue that caused unexpected password expiration notices to be sent to users. This issue occurred when an account was set up to use "Smart Card is Required for Interactive Logon" and "Enable rolling of expiring NTLM secrets". Microsoft has rectified this problem, eliminating unnecessary password expiration notices.


Additionally, the update addresses various issues that affected different components of Windows 11. For instance, an issue with the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) caused it to stop working when using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). This issue has now been resolved, ensuring the smooth functioning of LSASS within the AVD environment.


The Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) cluster also faced problems coming online after a periodic password rollover, resulting in error code 1326. Microsoft has now addressed this issue, ensuring that S2D clusters come online without any complications.



Furthermore, the update resolves an issue that impacted dot sourcing, causing the failure of files containing class definitions in Windows PowerShell. Additionally, it addresses limitations in the Event Viewer, allowing non-administrator users to access a greater number of event sources. Another Event Viewer-related issue, which affected the rendering of forwarded event logs, has also been fixed.


Several device-specific issues have been resolved as well. A memory leak occurring during the printing of rich text documents has been fixed, preventing unnecessary memory consumption. An issue causing devices with multiple discrete GPUs to be unable to choose high-performance GPUs from the default graphics settings page has also been addressed.



Another critical fix is related to devices resuming from Modern Standby. Previously, an error with the code 0x13A KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION caused devices to stop working after resuming. This issue has been resolved, ensuring a smooth transition from Modern Standby.


Moreover, this update addresses an issue that affected applications using certain actions in a callback. The applications would occasionally stop working when performing actions like closing a window (WM_CLOSE). Microsoft has resolved this issue, ensuring the stability of applications utilizing such actions.



In addition to these fixes, the update introduces some changes. The support phone number for Microsoft India for Windows activation has been updated, making it easier for users in India to receive the necessary assistance. Furthermore, certain mobile providers' International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) ranges have been modified.


Lastly, the update addresses various other issues, including Windows Firewall dropping connections to the IP address of a captive portal, Windows Firewall failing to apply the correct domain and profile for devices joined to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), unnecessary audit events being created by Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC), and problems with the Chinese and Japanese Handwriting Panel and the run-as command.



How to download Windows 11 KB5027223, KB5027231 update (offline installer)

You should have received this update notification if your Windows Update service is enabled. If not, open the Windows 11 Settings app, navigate to Windows Update, and click the "Check for Updates" button.


If you own multiple Windows 11 devices or if you would like to patch the systems manually, you can download the offline installer by clicking here for the KB5027223 update and clicking here for the KB5027231 update. This is an official direct download link for Windows 11 KB5027223/KB5027231 update.


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