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Microsoft Edge, one of the leading web browsers in the market, has released an update to its Dev channel, introducing several exciting features and addressing various issues. Microsoft Edge (Dev) Build 115.0.1901.5 is now live for Dev channel users, with updates for iOS and Android devices set to follow shortly. Let's dive into the highlights of this latest release.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Channel Build 115.0.1901.5?
Microsoft Edge Dev Channel Update: New Features and Fixes in Build 115.0.1901.5


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Channel Build 115.0.1901.5?

Added Features for Android Users

  1. Voice search in Discover: Edge now supports voice search functionality in the Discover feature. Users can conveniently search for information by simply speaking their queries, enhancing the browsing experience.
  2. Edit wallpaper option: The New Tab Page layout menu and the New Tab Page settings now offer an edit wallpaper option for Android users. This allows for greater customization, letting individuals personalize their browsing environment to suit their preferences.



Improved Reliability Across Platforms

  1. Fixed browser crashes related to site permissions: Microsoft has addressed a critical issue causing browser crashes when dealing with site permissions. Users can now navigate websites without the worry of unexpected crashes disrupting their browsing sessions.
  2. Enhanced stability when leaving or deleting a Workspace: Workspaces, a useful feature for organizing tabs and improving productivity, were occasionally causing browser crashes. The latest update rectifies this issue, ensuring a smoother experience when working with Workspaces.
  3. Resolved browser crash during site app installation: Previously, Edge experienced crashes when attempting to install a site as an app. With this update, that problem has been successfully resolved, allowing users to seamlessly convert their favorite websites into dedicated applications.
  4. Fixed browser crash during page loading: Edge for Android was occasionally crashing when loading web pages. The recent update effectively addresses this issue, providing a more stable browsing experience for Android users.



Changes in Behavior

  1. Restored missing title bar on DevTools and windows: Users encountered an issue where the title bar was missing in the DevTools and windows. Microsoft has rectified this problem, ensuring that the title bar is now consistently displayed across all relevant components.
  2. Fixed STATUS_BREAKPOINT error message during page loading: Users were experiencing the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error message while loading web pages. The latest update eradicates this issue, allowing for uninterrupted browsing and a smoother page-loading process.
  3. Rectified blank Favorites in Workspace: Some users encountered a problem where the Favorites section appeared blank within the Workspace feature. Microsoft has addressed this issue, restoring the proper display of Favorites and ensuring efficient organization within Workspaces.
  4. WebView2 Updates: The NavigationKind API, previously in the experimental stage, has now been promoted to a public release. Developers can leverage this API to enhance web navigation capabilities within WebView2, Microsoft Edge's web embedding technology.
  5. Enterprise Fixes for iOS Devices - Fixed missing profile picture when switching tabs: Enterprise users working on iOS devices experienced a problem where the profile picture would go missing when switching tabs. This issue has been resolved, ensuring a consistent display of profile pictures within the browser.



Additional Fixes for iOS and Android

  1. iOS - Fixed missing "Suggest password" option: When creating a new password, iOS users were missing the "Suggest password" option. This issue has been resolved, providing iOS users with the convenience of generating strong, secure passwords effortlessly.
  2. Android - Resolved "Send to Microsoft Edge Drop" permission issue: Android users encountered permission problems with the "Send to Microsoft Edge Drop" feature. This issue has been fixed, allowing for seamless integration between Edge and other applications.



Microsoft continues to prioritize user feedback and actively works on improving the Edge browser experience. The recent update to the Dev channel, build 115.0.1901.5, introduces new features and fixes, ensuring a more reliable and enjoyable browsing experience for users across platforms. Stay tuned for further updates as Microsoft Edge continues to evolve and enhance its features and functionality.


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