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In a recent announcement, Microsoft revealed that it has rolled out a substantial update for the Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11, delivering a host of exciting improvements and sought-after features to all Windows Insider channels.


The update, identified as Windows Subsystem for Android version 2306.40000.4.0, promises to enhance the overall user experience, expand compatibility, and address various issues reported by users.


Enhanced Android Integration on Windows 11: Microsoft's Latest Update Unveiled
Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11 (July 2023 Update)


  • Microsoft releases July 2023 update for Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11.
  • The latest version 2306.40000.4.0 is now rolling out to all Windows Insider channels.
  • With enhancements to camera compatibility, local networking, user folder sharing, and more, Microsoft continues to refine the Android subsystem.
  • The update's focus is on stability and security, along with the support for drag-and-drop functionality and PiP improvements.



What's new and improved in Windows Subsystem for Android™ version 2306.40000.4.0?

Let's take a closer look at the key features and improvements introduced in this update:


1. Camera Compatibility Improvements

One of the notable enhancements in this update is the improved compatibility with cameras. Users can now expect a more seamless experience when using Android apps that require camera functionality on their Windows 11 devices.


2. Fullscreen Mode Enhancements

Microsoft has introduced a welcome addition to the fullscreen mode with F11. Now, when in fullscreen mode, a hover taskbar will be displayed, enhancing the overall user experience for both mouse and touch interactions. This tweak is likely to improve navigation and efficiency for users who prefer this mode.



3. Local Networking Overhaul

The update brings significant changes to local networking capabilities. Users can now leverage local networking, accessible under Advanced Settings - Experimental Features, which replaces the previous "Advanced Networking" feature.


With this improvement, Android apps can connect to devices on the same network across all Windows 11 versions while adhering to Windows firewall rules and VPN configurations. This enhancement opens up new possibilities for seamless device connectivity and interaction within the local network environment.



4. Share User Folders Customization

Under Advanced Settings - Experimental Features, users now have the option to change their default shared folder. This new customization feature provides greater flexibility in managing shared folders within the Android subsystem, giving users more control over their data and storage preferences.


5. Enhanced App Permission Handling

The Windows Subsystem for Android™ will now prompt users whenever an app attempts to use permission that the subsystem does not have. This added layer of security ensures that users are aware of potential app behavior limitations, helping them make informed decisions regarding their data and privacy.



6. Switch from EROFS to EXT4 for Read-Only Disks

Microsoft has transitioned from EROFS to EXT4 for read-only disks in the subsystem. This switch is expected to improve disk performance and efficiency, providing a smoother experience for users interacting with read-only storage.


7. OneDrive Folder Fix

A bug that prevented OneDrive folders from showing up in Android apps has been resolved in this update. This fix ensures that users can seamlessly access and work with their files stored in OneDrive within the Android subsystem, enhancing productivity and data accessibility.


8. Expanded Drag and Drop Support

The update introduces support for drag-and-drop functionality for more file types. This enhancement streamlines the process of transferring files between Windows 11 and Android apps, making file management even more straightforward and intuitive.



9. Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Improvements

The picture-in-picture feature receives some updates in this release. Users will now have access to new UI buttons while in PiP mode, enhancing their ability to control and interact with the floating app window more effectively.


10. Partially Running Mode by Default

For devices with at least 16 GB of memory, the partially running mode is now enabled by default. This configuration optimizes resource management and ensures a smoother experience for users on devices with higher memory capacity.



11. Stability Enhancements for Arm Devices

Microsoft has addressed stability issues for Arm devices, enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the Windows Subsystem for Android™ on such platforms. This improvement is expected to bring a more consistent and efficient experience to users of Arm-based Windows 11 devices.


12. Linux Kernel and Android 13 Security Updates

As part of the update, the Linux kernel has been updated to version 5.15.104, bringing various performance improvements and bug fixes. Additionally, the Windows Subsystem for Android™ now includes the latest security updates for Android 13, ensuring that users can enjoy a secure environment while running Android apps on Windows 11.



End Notes

In conclusion, the latest update for the Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11 brings an impressive array of improvements and new features. With enhancements to camera compatibility, local networking, user folder sharing, and more, Microsoft continues to refine the Android subsystem to deliver a seamless and versatile experience for users.


The update's focus on stability and security, along with the support for drag-and-drop functionality and PiP improvements, showcases Microsoft's commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly integration of Android apps on the Windows platform.


As this update rolls out to Windows Insider channels, users can look forward to an even more rewarding experience when running Android apps on their Windows 11 devices.


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