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Microsoft's commitment to providing a seamless experience for Windows users is again on display, as the tech giant releases the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23555.1000 (ni_prerelease) to the Dev Channel.


This recent build is primarily focused on rectifying some of the bugs that had been observed by the early users, ensuring a more refined and bug-free experience for all.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 23555
Windows 11 Build 23555


The Windows Insider Program is a testament to Microsoft’s dedication to its user base. By allowing users to preview and provide feedback on upcoming builds, Microsoft can iron out issues before they reach the broader audience. The Dev Channel is where Microsoft rolls out its latest and sometimes experimental features to be tested.


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 23555?

Fixes in detail

1. Copilot:

  • Explorer.exe Crash: Users had reported a recurring problem where attempting to open Copilot from the taskbar caused explorer.exe to crash. This has now been addressed and rectified, providing a smoother user experience.

2. Narrator:

  • Voice Preview: One of the primary features of the Narrator is the ability to preview natural voices in the settings. An issue had been identified that prevented users from doing so. This has now been fixed, allowing users to preview and select their preferred Narrator voice without any hitches.
  • Timestamp Reading: Another issue was reported related to the Narrator not reading the timestamp on the Start’s recommended items accurately. Users will now find that the Narrator reads out the timestamp correctly, ensuring that the information relayed is precise.

3. Task Manager:

  • Crashes in 'Always on Top' Mode: The Task Manager is an essential tool for many power users, and its consistent operation is vital. A bug had been identified where the Task Manager would crash when switching to the 'Always on Top' mode. This has been fixed in the new build, ensuring that users can toggle this mode without any unexpected crashes.


These latest fixes in the Windows 11 Build 23555 underpin Microsoft's continuous efforts to refine and enhance the Windows experience. As always, the Windows Insider community plays an instrumental role in identifying these issues. By working hand in hand with its dedicated user base, Microsoft continues to pave the way for a more reliable and efficient operating system.


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