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We're excited to unpack the newest updates rolled out for the Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11. Designed with the feedback loop from its community, Microsoft's update (version 2309.40000.2.0) not only promises elevated platform stability but also introduces nuanced functionality enhancements.


Stay with us as we delve into what's new and improved in Windows Subsystem for Android version 2309.40000.2.0 for Windows 11 users.


What's new and improved in Windows Subsystem for Android v2309
Windows Subsystem for Android v2309


  • Platform reliability improvements
  • Updated Chromium WebView to version 117
  • Graphics improvements
  • Android Geocoder APIs
  • Android 13 Platform Updates


1. Platform Reliability Improvements

Reliability is paramount when integrating multiple platforms. With the v2309 update, Windows has bolstered the reliability of the Android subsystem, ensuring smoother operation and reduced chances of crashes or glitches. This means users can now enjoy a more stable experience when running Android apps on their Windows devices.



2. Updated Chromium WebView to Version 117

Chromium WebView acts as a pivotal component for many Android applications, rendering web content within the apps. By updating to version 117, Windows ensures that users get the latest and greatest in terms of performance, security, and feature set. This translates to faster page loads, enhanced security measures, and a richer web browsing experience within Android apps.



3. Sharing of .cer Files to Android

The ability to share .cer files directly to Android is a noteworthy feature in this release. It simplifies the process of transferring and managing certificate files between the two platforms, a welcome addition for professionals and developers who require seamless certificate management.



4. Graphics Improvements

Graphics play a critical role in delivering a visually appealing and smooth user experience. With the v2309 update, users will notice marked improvements in graphic rendering, animation fluidity, and overall visual presentation when using Android applications on Windows. Whether you're playing an Android game or simply scrolling through an app, the graphics will be sharper and more responsive.



5. Android Geocoder APIs

The integration of Android Geocoder APIs is a boon for developers and users alike. These APIs facilitate the translation of latitude and longitude coordinates into user-readable addresses (and vice versa). Apps relying on location services can now offer more accurate and detailed location data, enriching the user's experience.



6. Android 13 Platform Updates

Keeping up with the ever-evolving Android platform, Windows has incorporated updates from Android 13 into the subsystem. This ensures compatibility with the latest Android features, security protocols, and app functionalities. It's a clear indication of Windows' commitment to keeping pace with Android's rapid advancements.


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