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Microsoft has been hard at work refining and advancing their Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11. The tech giant recently announced an update, signaling yet another leap forward for seamless integration of Android applications with the Windows environment.


This recent update, version 2308.40000.1.0, is set to cater to the Windows Subsystem for Android™ Preview Program participants, bringing with it a slew of enhancements primarily aimed at platform reliability and functional improvements.


Exploring the Recent Windows 11 Android Subsystem Update
Windows 11's Android Subsystem


  • Platform reliability improvements
  • Localhost loopback support
  • Clipboard reliability and performance improvements
  • Kernel update to improve compatibility



What's new and improved in Windows Subsystem for Android version 2308.40000.1.0

Platform Reliability Improvements

Reliability is paramount in any software environment, and more so when you're bridging two distinctly different platforms. These improvements are a testament to Microsoft's commitment to providing a stable environment for Android apps on Windows 11.


By refining this reliability, Microsoft ensures fewer crashes and a smoother experience for end-users.



Localhost Loopback Support

A standout feature in this update is the localhost loopback support for the "Local network access" experimental feature. This is particularly advantageous for developers and professionals who are keen on testing and developing networked applications within the Windows 11 ecosystem.


Such support means that applications can communicate with the localhost, making development and testing processes smoother and more intuitive.



Clipboard Reliability and Performance Enhancements

The clipboard is a feature often taken for granted, yet its role in our day-to-day computing tasks is crucial. By bolstering its reliability and performance, users can expect a more responsive and seamless experience when copying and pasting content between Android and Windows applications.


This simple yet significant improvement can greatly enhance productivity and user satisfaction.



Kernel Update for ARM Application Compatibility on x64 Processors

Running ARM applications on x64 processors has always posed challenges, primarily because of the architectural differences between the two. This kernel update showcases Microsoft's dedication to bridging this gap.


By improving compatibility, users can expect a wider range of Android applications to run smoothly on their Windows 11 x64 systems. This move not only augments the user experience but also potentially broadens the app selection available to Windows 11 users.



Fullscreen App Reporting

Last, but certainly not least, the update ensures that when an Android app is in fullscreen mode on Windows 11, it will correctly report "isInMultiWindowMode = false".


This might seem like a minor tweak on the surface, but it's instrumental in enhancing the user experience by ensuring that applications behave consistently, regardless of their viewing mode.



In Conclusion

Microsoft's endeavor to enhance and integrate Android applications within Windows 11 continues with this recent update. From reliability enhancements to functional improvements, it's clear that the company is committed to delivering a seamless and improved user experience.


As the Windows Subsystem for Android™ Preview Program progresses, we can only anticipate more innovations and refinements in the near future.


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