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Microsoft has made Edge 120.0.2210.1 available in the development channel to offer a reliable, safe, and intuitive online experience. This update offers pioneers a sneak peek at the web browsing experience of the future, not just another bug repair.


Come explore the intricacies of the latest Microsoft Edge upgrade, as well as how these capabilities will influence web browsing in the future.


What’s new and improved in Microsoft Edge version 120.0.2210.1
Microsoft Edge Dev Channel update


  • Customizable Profile Icon Location
  • Refresh Button for Seamless Navigation
  • Efficient Find on Page Sidebar
  • Preloading Microsoft Voice Extension
  • Enhanced Copilot Navigation
  • Zero Input Trigger with Search Glyph Icon
  • Quick Access to Crash Reports
  • Siri Shortcut for Browser Copilot on iOS



What’s new in Microsoft Edge version 120.0.2210.1?

Location of the Profile Icon may Be Customized

Users may now add a personal touch to their surfing by altering where the profile icon appears in the title bar. Users may easily access this user-friendly feature by right-clicking on the profile icon, which offers a customized navigation experience.


Refresh Button for Seamless Navigation

Having a dedicated refresh button makes it easier to navigate the browser and fix issues. This button guarantees a faster and more responsive user experience in addition to streamlining the procedure, especially on the Windows Copilot error page.



Effective Search in the Page Sidebar

The update adds the ability to quickly close the locate on the page sidebar by simply using the ESC key, which improves user control. This modest but significant enhancement makes The browsing experience more intuitive and user-friendly.


Microsoft Voice Extension Preloading

The update adds the ability to preload the Microsoft Voice extension to reduce any voice command disruptions. This improves the transition between the two statements and increases the browser's accessibility and usability even further.



Improved Copilot Guidance

Now that users may use Copilot's back button, the navigation experience is improved overall and there is more flexibility to explore all of the features and possibilities of this cutting-edge technology.


Zero Input Trigger Using the Glyph Icon for Search

The toolbar now has a search glyph icon button that, when clicked, initiates Zero Input. This feature gives consumers even more ease by integrating information access and search into the browsing experience.



Easy Access to Crash Reports

To access the Crash Pad\Reports folder straight from edge://crashes/ added. This update makes it easier for users to obtain and manage crash reports and gives them rapid access to technical troubleshooting information.


iOS Browser Copilot Shortcut with Siri

With the addition of a Siri shortcut for the browser copilot, the update offers iOS users improved accessibility and hands-free control for a more seamless browsing experience.



Reliability Improvements in Microsoft Edge version 120.0.2210.1

  • Fixed the issue of fav icon driver observer crashing when removed.
  • Fixed a crash bug that happened when the last tab of a workspace was closed from fluid.
  • Fixed search engine settings crash.
  • Fixed a crash when the side bar related page is opened on edge store in private mode.
  • iOS: Fixed a crash when clicking overflow menu settings button after launching the browser.
  • Android:
    • Fixed an issue of the app crashing when all menu overflowed due to a short screen height (e.g. in split-screen mode).
    • Fixed an issue that caused the browser to crash when restoring tab groups.



Changed behaviors in Microsoft Edge version 120.0.2210.1

  • Fixed refresh button for the browser copilot.
  • Fixed a rendering error that occurred on low end devices for the safety section of browser essentials.
  • Fixed the issue of importing autofill data from Chrome browser.
  • Fixed the bug that caused split screen tabs to not restore correctly after switching left and right tabs.
  • Fixed the issue that caused a new workspace to be created unintentionally when pressing the enter key on the ‘create new’ button.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to open favorites after selecting multiple folders and choosing open all from the context menu.
  • Fixed the problem of the “Cancel” button exceeding the confirm connection page on Desktop.
  • Fixed the sidebar toggle button to be hidden in the flyout on PDF Document.
  • Fixed the tab state synchronization to show the unlocked status to all workspace members after navigating a tab and unlocking it.
  • Fixed the incorrect calculation of the avatar button size.
  • Fixed an issue of Windows settings page not getting minimized and centered for full screen and minimized screens.
  • Fixed a bug when floaty is showing even after clicking on "close for this match" for the same match.
  • Fixed a bug to disable "Ask copilot" button for password/MIP protected and non-copyable pdf files.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the "Something went wrong" page when re-signing into account on desktop.
  • Fixed a bug when auto-grouping dialog buttons were not visible.
  • WebView2: Fixed the issue of check boxes cropping in the WinForms sample app.
  • Android:
    • Fixed the issue of no response or image change after clicking Translate on a downloaded image.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Copilot chat to reload when changing the theme.
    • Fixed an issue of missing bottom buttons in the “view tab” mode when using the tablet version of the browser.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented launching copilot after exiting reading mode that was initiated from copilot.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed a bug when copilot chat was getting refreshed when switching the theme.
    • Fixed the issue of avatar flashing when Omnibox is clicked on NTP.
    • Fixed the layout of the profile page after closing the rewards upsell.
    • Fixed the UI display issue that occurred when switching from landscape to vertical screen mode on the sharing page.
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in the screen blinking when it reloaded after clicking the ‘Done’ button on the recent tab page.


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