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Microsoft Edge, the popular web browser, has rolled out its latest version, 121.0.2256.2, exclusively for Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel. Packed with numerous fixes and enhancements, this update promises to deliver an even more reliable and feature-rich browsing experience. Let's delve into the highlights of this release.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge version 121.0.2256.2
Microsoft Edge Version 121.0.2256.2



  • Added Features for Enhanced Functionality
  • Improved Reliability with Crucial Fixes
  • Changes in Behavior for a Seamless Experience
  • WebView2, Mobile, and Platform-Specific Fixes



Added Features for Enhanced Functionality

1. Mute/Unmute in PIP Overlay

Users can now enjoy added control over multimedia content by introducing mute/unmute functionality in Picture-in-Picture (PIP) overlay.


2. Recent Profiles in Jump List

A "Recent Profiles" section has been incorporated into the Jump List, providing quick access to recently used profiles and streamlining the browsing experience.


3. Startup Page Extensions Toggle

Microsoft Edge allows users to toggle startup page extensions directly from the settings, giving them more flexibility in customizing their browser's launch behavior.


4. Progress Bar in Tab Auto-Grouping Preview

A progress bar has been implemented in the tab auto-grouping preview, visually representing the grouping process and enhancing user awareness.


5. Submenu Tooltip in NTB++

Improved user interface with the addition of tooltips for submenus in NTB++, making navigation more intuitive.



Improved Reliability with Crucial Fixes

1. Web UI Crash Fix

A crash that occurred when navigating the chat web UI in a tab has been addressed, ensuring a smoother browsing experience.


2. Translate Page Crash Resolution

The issue causing the browser to crash when navigating to edge://translate in the address bar has been fixed, eliminating disruptions during translation.


3. Mac-Specific Stability Enhancement

Mac users will appreciate the fix for a bug that caused the app to crash when selecting the tab group header via mouse click or keyboard input.


4. iOS Stability Fixes

Several iOS-related crashes have been resolved, including crashes during account sign-in and avatar icon interactions.



Changes in Behavior for a Seamless Experience

1. InPrivate Mode Dialog Enhancement

Text color and background color mismatches in the 'Select a certificate for authentication' dialog in InPrivate mode have been rectified.


2. Auto Grouping Visibility Fix

An issue where ungrouped tabs became invisible in the auto-grouping streaming feature after streaming concluded has been addressed.


3. Tab Group Name Display Fix

Users utilizing NTB++ will no longer encounter blank tab group names, resolving a previous display bug.


4. Various Bug Fixes Across Platforms

Numerous issues, ranging from keyboard navigation glitches to menu item order inconsistencies, have been addressed across different platforms, ensuring a more polished and consistent user experience.



WebView2, Mobile, and Platform-Specific Fixes

1. WebView2 SDK and BYO Issue Resolution

An issue related to SDK and BYO failing at the signing job within WebView2 has been fixed.


2. Mobile-Specific Fixes

Various mobile-specific issues on Android and iOS, including problems with copilot, context menu clicks, and landscape mode dismissibility, have been successfully resolved.



End Notes

Microsoft Edge version 121.0.2256.2 brings a host of new features, reliability improvements, and changes in behavior to create a more refined browsing experience for Edge Insiders. Users can look forward to enhanced control over multimedia content, smoother navigation, and a more stable browser across different devices and platforms.


As always, staying up-to-date ensures not only a secure browsing experience but also access to the latest and greatest features Microsoft Edge has to offer.


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