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Microsoft Editor is an AI-based free tool to provide spelling and grammar support while writing in any editors to help you write confidently and communicate your message effectively, but you will get additional capabilities to access advanced grammar and style refinements if you have a subscription to Microsoft 365 (Office 365).


Recently, the Microsoft Editor gets a big update that adds the ability to view spelling, grammar, and other intelligent suggestions quickly. It also adds a dedicated and simplified view for a more contextual and accessible review experience.

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In March 2020, Microsoft introduced an AI-powered intelligent writing assistant "Microsoft Editor", to help you write with confidence. Later, the company released extensions for Microsoft Edge and Chrome users to check spellings and grammar when you write on a web app.


Now the company added "Similarity Checker" for Microsoft Editor which will allow users to check if a block of text is copied from the internet and requires attribution.

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Microsoft announced an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered intelligent writing assistant, called "Microsoft Editor", that will enable you to write with confidence in 20+ languages in any editor for free with a Microsoft sign-in.


Here's everything that you would like to know about the Microsoft Editor capabilities, their availabilities and how to download the browser extensions.

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