Microsoft announced an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered intelligent writing assistant, called "Microsoft Editor", that will enable you to write with confidence in 20+ languages in any editor for free with a Microsoft sign-in.


Here's everything that you would like to know about the Microsoft Editor capabilities, their availabilities and how to download the browser extensions.


Microsoft announced an AI powered intelligent writing assistant, called 'Microsoft Editor'


  • Microsoft Editor is an AI powered intelligent writing assistant.
  • The assistant is ready to help editors in 20+ languages.
  • With just a Microsoft sign-in, anyone can access the essential Editor capabilities across Word, and web for free.


Though Microsoft Editor is a free tool to provide spelling and grammar support while writing in any editors, but you will get additional cababilities to access advanced grammar and style refinements if you have a subscription to Microsoft 365 (Office 365).


If you are a Google Chrome user, you can download the Microsoft Editor Chrome Extension from the Chrome Webstore. If you are a Microsoft Edge user, you can download the Microsoft Editor Edge AddOn from the Microsoft Edge Store.


Microsoft announced an AI powered intelligent writing assistant, called 'Microsoft Editor'


Similarity Checker Capability in Microsoft Word

Similarity checker helps by identifying potentially unoriginal content, which has been copied from web. It can also help you to modify the content to make it unique. The feature is expected to rollout to Microsoft Word for web and desktop in the coming months.


Rewrite Suggestion in Microsoft Word

This is another capability of the Microsoft Word for web and desktop, to help you make it easier to optimize your writing for fluency, conciseness, or readability. This capability is currently available in Word for the web in English only. To get started, just highlight a sentence, right-click on it, and then select Rewrite Suggestions from the context menu.


Spelling and Grammar Capabilities in and Outlook Client

When you are using and Outlook client, the email editor now offers the spelling and grammar capabilities for free. If you are using the Microsoft 365 subscription, then it will automatically extend the advanced styling capabilities as well.



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