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In this small Tips & Tricks, I will guide you changing the Style of Caret of a Silverlight TextBox control. It is very simple and you can easily do it using Visual Studio or Expression Blend. Here is a screenshot of the same:


In general, styling the caret is not require. But in some cases, you may need to change it to give your UI the look & feel of your entire application.

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Today Morning (1st October, 2010) when I noticed the mail with the Subject line: “Congratulations on receiving the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award”, I was really surprised. This is the biggest Award in my Life. I am really feeling very proud once I got the MVP Award from Microsoft.

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Did you ever want to run an application from your local resource inside your HTML page? If so, you will face some issues. It will never run any application from local resource directly. It may ask you to download the file before running it. This is due to browser security issue as the code runs inside the browser sandbox.


So, what to do for this? In this post, I will describe you the steps resolve to do this. Read the complete post in order to learn the same.

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Recently, I wanted to detect the Silverlight version for one of my on going R&D. I wanted to detect the version from batch file and depending upon that I wanted to execute one file. Searching over internet I came to know that, HTML Application has some additional power for execution of any local file as it runs under fully trusted mode. I did more research on HTA files and successfully completed my basic analysis.


Here I will demonstrate you the process of detecting the Silverlight installation status using JavaScript from the .hta file. Read it and at the end, if you have any suggestion to improve the steps, please let me know.

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imageFew days ago, in one my earlier post, I discussed about “Some Best Practices for Silverlight Application Development (XAML)” which got a huge hit by my readers. I got several feedbacks on that too. Someone from the community also suggested me to write some best coding practices on C#. This stroke my mind and hence decided to write some best practices about C# coding here from my past few years of experience.


For past few years, I learned a lot and tried to share best of them to the others who are new in the software development field. This post I contribute to those fellow members. Hope, I will get more feedbacks and/or suggestions here too.

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In various forums (mainly in Silverlight.Net Forum) I have seen people asking a question: “How to implement Session Management in Silverlight?” The simple answer is: “Session Management is not available in Silverlight”. Why? If it is not there, how can we implement it?

Ok, If you are new to Silverlight, you need to know about this. Hence, I will describe you in this post about Silverlight Session Management. The targeted audience for this post is mainly the beginners of Silverlight. Read it and if you have any queries, let me know.
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imageIf you are a developer and want to get the “Telerik JustCode Developer License”, here is the chance for you. I am going to give you one license code absolutely Free which costs around $249. The registration process will end on 15th October 2010. Based on the registration, I will announce the Winner name on 20th October 2010.

So, why are you waiting for? Read the full post for the steps of Registration for this offer.
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In my previous post “Introduction to Shapes in Silverlight 4” I introduced you with various types of Shapes available in Silverlight 4 and informed you that, I will post an article describing each one of them and here it is.


In this article, I am going to describe you about each shapes and the process to add them in our application (whenever you need). This article is for the Beginners, who don’t know much about the shape controls. If you have any suggestions/concerns please use the feedback section to let me know.

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Oh! What a pleasant moment when you get some mail to your Inbox mentioning “Congratulations!! You are our monthly Winner for the month…”. Yes, today morning when I first opened my mailbox, I saw a mail from the WebMaster of www.dotnetspark.com saying that, I have been awarded as the Winner of the month of “August 2010” for contributing to the Silverlight community. What a surprise again!!!


Here is first couple of lines of the mail:

Dear Kunal,

Congratulations!! You are our monthly Winner for the month of August, 2010!!!

www.DotNetSpark.com proudly announces you as the monthly winner Award (August, 2010)  for your sincere and tremendous contributions towards all sections at www.dotnetspark.com.

Lastly, I will thank to all of my readers. Without their help and encouragement it was not possible. Also, thanks to dotnetspark team for selecting me as the Winner.

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In earlier versions of Silverlight, there are very few shape controls like Rectangle, Ellipse available. But think on creating other shapes like Triangle, Polygon, Ring etc. If you need one of them in the earlier Silverlight version, how will you implement them? In my next article, I will describe about all these to you.image


I think many of you know about these. But those who are not familiar with this, I am contributing it for them.

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imageFirst of all, a Big Thanks to all my readers who continuously supported me during last six months by voting my articles in CodeProject. I also appreciate you for your regular feedbacks and suggestions to improve. I tried my level best to answer your queries in each article’s page.


Here, I am consolidating all the articles that I posted in my Blog and CodeProject for your further reference.

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