Windows 10 by default sets unrestricted data access to download updates, synchronize settings and connect to cloud services. If you are using Ethernet to connect online with a restricted data plan, these will definitely going to eat all your bandwidths.


If you are using Windows 10 Creators Update and above, you can set your Ethernet connection as metered network to save those extra bandwidth. Continue reading to learn more.

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With the latest Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 18970, Microsoft previewed cloud-reset option that's expected to release with next feature version of Windows 10 in early 2020. In the release note, Microsoft stated that it won't currently work if specific optional features are installed.


To know more about this cloud recovery feature of Windows 10 and the known issues with optional features, continue reading more.

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While adding assembly reference in Visual Studio 2017, if you are facing the following error message: "Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component", this could be due to ReferenceManagerPackage failed to load. If you encountered this issue, here's a quick solution for you to resolve it.

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During the Microsoft Build 2019 conference keynote, Microsoft demoed the Collections feature. Now they have integrated it as an experimental feature to the chromium based Microsoft Edge browser, which needs to be enabled explicitly.


To know how to enable the experimental Collection feature and how to work with it in Microsoft Edge, continue reading further.

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The chromium version of Microsoft Edge browser is now available for download in its Beta channel. Going forward it will be updated every 6 weeks with major feature set. The Edge beta channel will have most stable preview bits for you to try.


If you haven't experience the chromium Edge experience yet, here's how to download the Edge beta preview builds from Microsoft site.

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Microsoft is continuing its efforts to make you more productive with Visual Studio 2019. With the next feature release of the IDE, they are going to add Container Tools to make you more productive in creating serverless solutions.


To try out this feature before the public release, you need to install the latest preview version of Visual Studio 2019. Continue reading to know more.

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Google, on a blog post announced that they are bringing the password-less authentication to Google Chrome application on Android. Initially the feature will be restricted to few of their services on Pixel devices, but gradually will be available to others as well.


Are you excited to have this secure authentication on your? Checkout this blog post to know the prerequisite and the way to try it now.

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