Monthly Summary - April 2012

Here comes the “ Monthly Summary ” post of April 2012. Last month I published 14 blog posts, among them 12 was on “ How to ” series of my... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Here comes the “Monthly Summary” post of April 2012. Last month I published 14 blog posts, among them 12 was on “How to” series of my Windows Phone 7 Tutorial for developers.


In this summary post I am going to share them in a single page, so that, you can find them very easily. Continue reading to find out all the Windows Phone 7 tutorial series. Don’t forget to check out the API implementations of the SDK in the “How to” posts.



Here is the list of “Windows Phone 7 Tutorial” series for beginners on Launchers and Choosers. In many of those posts, I described about the internal implementation of the SDK class. Didn’t read them? Find it out from here:


Problem & Solution

Recently, I faced one issue in my Visual Studio 2010 while loading apps for debugging and found the root cause of the same. Noted down the solution in the below blog post incase you face it will help you:


Community Share from Partners

I did a blog post to share free goodies to my blog readers. It’s a post with 3 Free eBook links on Windows 7 from my blog partner. Register to get the eBook from them for free. You can find the post below:


Previous Archives

Did you miss my previous months blog posts? Don’t worry! Here comes the previous months archive posts. If you missed them, here it is just for your reference:

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