You might already know that, Windows 10 insiders build 14316 is already available for fast ring Windows Insiders. Along with the other new features and improvements, Microsoft also improved the upgrade experience and update settings.


Today, let’s see in this small post, what are the improvements that the giant company has made in update settings. The other improvements will follow in new posts.


Changes in Update Settings with #Windows 10 insiders build 14316 (


If you install Windows Insiders build 14316 or higher (I hope, Microsoft will not change this settings in later build), you will notice few additional settings under Windows Update to control the restart options. This includes settings for active hours and the schedule restart time.


Here’s the screenshot for you to take the reference of the same, which we will separately discuss below:


Windows 10 Update Settings (


Active hours let's the system know when you usually use the device. When a restart is necessary to finish installing an update, it won't automatically restart your device during that active hours and your work will be safe from a forceful restart.


When you click on the “Change active hours” settings link, it will show you the below dialog where you can set the start time and end time of your actual working time. During that period, your device will not trouble you to do any restart waiting to finish a necessary update.


Active Hours in Windows 10 Update Settings (



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The “Restart options” link will allow you to set a temporary custom restart time, which will override the active hours and schedule the time to finish installing the update. This you might want to set during your lunch break.


Custom Restart Time in Windows 10 Update Settings (


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