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As the technology growing current days, we cannot even think of a day without internet connection. If you are experiencing slower internet connection speed after upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you may want to fix it.


To do so, you can try a small trick and see if that works or not. Here I am going to show the steps, which worked for me. Hope, this will work for you too.


How to fix slow internet connectivity issue after Windows 10 Anniversary Update (


The trick that we are gonna to see here is a workaround and may or may not give you result. But who stops trying the same to see if that works.


First open the Command Prompt with admin permission. To do so, go to “start” –> type “cmd” –> right click on the “Command Prompt” and click on “Run as administrator”. Alternatively, press the keyboard shortcut “Win + X” and click on “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the context menu.


Inside the command prompt, enter the following command to see the current status of “Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level”:     netsh interface tcp show global


By default, the auto tuning feature stays ON to improve the performance of TCP connections of a computer. Though it has benefits, but can also cause of slow Internet connections. If the value shows here anything other than “disabled”, as shown below, you proceed to next.


Check to know whether Auto-Tuning Level is set to Active (


Enter the following command to disable it:    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled


Check the result of executing the command. It should return “Ok” as shown in the below screenshot. Now restart your system for the changes to take effect.


Set Auto-Tuning Level to Disabled (


Now if you execute the very first command:    netsh interface tcp show global, you will see that the “Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level” is now set to disabled.


Check to know whether Auto-Tuning Level is set to Disabled (


After restart, check your internet speed. If it improves, good! If the issue still exists, it might be due to some other case and in such case, revert back the settings to previous value. I hope you remembered the value of auto tuning that was set by default (generally “normal”, in my case), before we changed it.


Enter the following command to set it to the default value “normal” (my case):

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal


Did this post help you? Please let us know your feedback in the below comments section. Also, you can ping me on Twitter @kunal2383 to ask your queries or share the feedback.



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