Xamarin Dev Days Kolkata 2016

Xamarin Dev Days provide attendees with an intense, hands-on learning experience. Like the other parts of the world, we (the Kolkata Geeks team) arranged the whole day community program on Xamarin, bundled with multiple sessions and hands-on lab.


More about the event, session photos and slides is going to be publish in this blog post time to time. Stay tuned for all the updates.


Xamarin Dev-Days Kolkata


A full house event “Xamarin Dev-Days Kolkata” started. People came from different place of the city and best of the things, one came directly from Bangladesh.


Here’s the organizers and the speakers of the event:


The organizers and speakers of the Xamarin Dev-Days Kolkata event


Abhishek Nandy (Microsoft MVP) started with “Introduction to Xamarin”:


Abhishek Nandy (Microsoft MVP) started with “Introduction to Xamarin”


Abhishek Sur (Microsoft MVP) started with “Xamarin.Forms”:


Abhishek Sur (Microsoft MVP) started with “Xamarin.Forms”


And now, the “Lunch Time”, food sponsored by Xamarin:


“Lunch Time”, food sponsored by Xamarin


People having lunch during the Xamarin dev-days Kolkata


After lunch session started by me, Kunal Chowdhury (Microsoft MVP), on “Cloud First, Mobile First in Microsoft Azure”:


Kunal Chowdhury (Microsoft MVP), on “Cloud First, Mobile First in Microsoft Azure”


Audience attending the sessions at Xamarin dev-days Kolkata today


Slide from my session on “Cloud First, Mobile First”:




From here https://github.com/xamarin/dev-days-labs/, you can refer the other Slide decks, Demos for Hands-on-Labs code from the Xamarin Dev-Days connect.


Group photo of Xamarin Dev-Days Kolkata


Here we are ending the event with a group photo. Thanks to everyone who joined the event with us today, especially those fellas who travelled a long from Mumbai and Bangladesh.



Kunal Chowdhury
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