Here's how to run web application in multiple browsers from Visual Studio

If you are a web developer and designing any website or a page, you may want to run it in multiple browsers to check cross-browser issues. Visual Studio provides an easy way to run the web application in all the selected browsers at a single shot.


In this quick tip, today, we are going to learn how to run the web application in multiple browsers from the Visual Studio IDE. Continue reading to know more about it.


Here's how to run web application in multiple browsers from Visual Studio


In general, when you run your web application from Visual Studio, it runs in a single browser instance that you have already selected or set as a default browser. To run it in a different browser, you need to select the other. You can also set the default browser for your Visual Studio instance by navigating to 'Browse With...' menu item as shown below:


Navigate to 'Browse With...' menu item from Visual Studio


To set a single browser as your default browser to run your web application, select the one from the list and click 'Set as Default':


Set your default browser from Visual Studio


To run multiple browsers simultaneously, you need to select all of them and click on 'Set as Default':


Set multiple default browsers


It will set all the selected browsers as a default one, as shown in the below screenshot. Now, when you click 'Browse' or run your web application from that Visual Studio instance, you will notice that the application launches in all the browsers that you have selected in previous screen.


Run multiple browsers simultaneously, based on the default list


In this case, when you click the arrow-head as shown below, you will notice that the selection is now changed to 'Multiple Browsers' instead of the browser that you selected.


Multiple browsers from the menu item of Visual Studio


When multiple browsers are set as default one, you can debug in only one browser. But, if you press Ctrl + F5, it will launch all of them.



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