Known Folder Move feature of OneDrive will help you to migrate your files to cloud

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Microsoft announced a new feature for OneDrive client that will allow Windows Users and IT Admins to easily migrate their most important files present in Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders by moving them to OneDrive cloud.


IT Admins can set this up in user system after taking user consent or silently perform this migration in the background.


Known Folder Move feature of OneDrive will help you to migrate your files to cloud


Keeping your system safe and protected plays a vital role in modern computing. This includes user data files and pictures mostly stored in Documents, Pictures and Desktop. Mapping them individually to online cloud storage like OneDrive is possible, but that requires better knowledge about the system. The user needs to be an advanced user to perform this steps. For an IT Admin, he needs to perform this folder mappings to all the systems individually.


As this is tricky and time-consuming, Microsoft announced a new feature to OneDrive that will help you to perform the migration with a click of a button. The name of the feature is known as Known Folder Move (KFM). This migration will be performed to most important user data folders like Desktop, Documents and Pictures, which are common to all user systems.


This Known Folder Move feature is expected to be made available to Windows Insiders and Office Insiders starting this week and will be rolled out to all users by end of July. This feature when rollout, will work on both Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Known Folder Move feature of OneDrive will help you to migrate your files to cloud


If you are an IT Admin, you can automate this task by using Group Policy. User consent can be taken before starting the migration to move user data files to cloud storage using KFM. Though it is a recommended way to take prior consent from the user, it is also possible to perform this silently.


It is also possible to choose between Folder Migration and Folder Redirection, depending on whether you want to move the current contents of the folder or only the contents that get added in the future.


There are some limitations for the supported files in OneDrive Sync client to perform Known Folder Move feature. Also, there are some scenarios when this Known Folder Move (KFM) feature won't work well. You can find the list of scenarios and limitations here, which KFM doesn't work well.



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