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GitHub users can now run an entire GitHub workflow from the terminal. Microsoft owned GitHub announces GitHub CLI version 1.0, which was there in Beta since February 2020. With this, you can now call the GitHub API to script and create workflows without having to switch your terminal sessions.


As it was the most demanded feature during the beta stage, the GitHub CLI is now available to use on repositories hosted on GitHub Enterprise Server 2.2 and above. To know more about the announcement, continue reading further.


GitHub CLI 1.0 is now officially available for use with GitHub Enterprise Server


With the GitHub CLI 1.0, you can now run your entire workflow from the terminal, call the GitHub API to script nearly any action, set a custom alias for any command.


You can clone repositories, find the status of bugs that need fixing, create pull requests, check your peer's pull request before it is finally merged to the main branch.


According to GitHub, developers used GitHub CLI to create more than 250,000 pull requests, perform more than 350,000 merges, and create more than 20,000 issues since the release of the beta.


As it was a most demanded feature during the beta stage, you can now not only connect to but also connect to GitHub Enterprise Server 2.2 and above.


As it is now out of beta, you can download GitHub CLI version 1.0 on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Once downloaded, you can use the "gh" command from the command line or any terminal window.



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