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In this week's Edge Dev build, Microsoft adds some new features to the chromium-powered Microsoft Edge browser. With the latest Microsoft Edge Dev Build 90.0.796.0, you can now start searching for the favorites and history menus as soon as they are loaded. It also adds suggestions from local browsing history for you to easily access from the address bar.


Apart from the new features, Microsoft also adds some reliability improvements, changed behaviors in the latest Microsoft Edge Dev build. Here you can read the complete changelog part of this release build for Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel.


Microsoft Edge Dev build 90.0.796.0 for Edge Insiders adds some new improvements


What's new in Microsoft Edge Dev build 90.0.796.0?

  • Added the ability to start typing to search as soon as the favorites and history menus are open and loaded.
  • Added suggestions from local browsing history when clicking on the empty address bar on the new tab page.
  • Added support for Friendly Names for certificates in the certificate picker.
  • Enabled Single Sign-On for Mac, fixing an issue where certain websites can’t login.
  • Improved messaging when certain permissions are restricted when viewing a protected PDF.
  • Deprecated the management policy to Enable Native Window Occlusion in favor of the newly-added policy to Enable Window Occlusion. Note that updates to administrative templates or documentation may not have occurred yet.
  • Enabled support for the management policy to control SSL Error Override Allowed For Origins from upstream Chromium.



What's fixed in Microsoft Edge Dev build 90.0.796.0?

Improved reliability:

  • Fixed a crash when closing the browser.
  • Fixed a crash when showing the autofill suggestion popup.
  • Fixed a crash when using Guided Switch.
  • Fixed a crash for Family Safety users.
  • Fixed a crash when using speech recognition.
  • Fixed a crash when copying something when Data Loss Prevention is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser uses lots of CPU doing nothing.
  • Fixed an issue where Smart Copy doesn’t work one websites like OneNote.

Changed behavior:

  • Fixed an issue where deleted passwords are sometimes restored unexpectedly via sync.
  • Fixed an issue where graphics in certain websites like Excel get corrupted over time.
  • Fixed an issue where print preview sometimes shows the incorrect number of sheets of paper.
  • Fixed an issue with printing multiple sheets per page.
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs created by printing a page using Print To PDF don’t appear in the Downloads list.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sign In To Sync button in Settings isn’t disabled when sign in or sync are turned off via management policy.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdown lists on webpages sometimes are missing options or data.
  • Fixed an issue when dragging a URL from the address bar into a Collection.
  • Fixed an issue with syncing Collections.
  • Fixed an issue where pinning a PWA or website installed as an app to the Taskbar also unexpectedly prompts to pin it to the Start Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a link that’s expected to open in a PWA or website installed as an app doesn’t open the exact link but instead just navigates to the website’s homepage.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a PWA or website installed as an app doesn’t remove its entry from the Start Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where PWAs or websites installed as apps that open child windows don’t get those child windows associated with the main app window, but instead as generic Edge windows.
  • Fixed an issue where price comparison in the Shopping popup isn’t appearing when it should.
  • Removed autofill capabilities from Application Guard windows.



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