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In the last few Microsoft Office builds (version 2109), Microsoft added several new features that include a new Navigation pane, improved scrolling and search; WebP image support; and a new collaboration feature. Office Insiders who are in the Windows Beta Channel had already received those updates.


This week, Microsoft released another new build for Microsoft Office version 2109. In the latest Office build 14416.20006, you won't see any new features, but adds a list of fixes along with the fix for the auto-save bug. Here's the complete changelog.


Microsoft Office Version 2109 (Build 14416.20006) fixes auto-save bug and more


What's new and improved in Microsoft Office Version 2109 (Build 14416.20006)

Word - Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where enabling auto-save could cause recent edits to temporarily disappear.
  • Fixed an issue with the comments where icons, stickers, and illustrations were not visible if they were pasted along with the text in a comment.
  • Fixed an issue related to exporting a chart as an EMF, so the EMF has editable labels when inserted as a picture in Office.
  • Fixed an issue where Word was failing to render the base-64 encoded, embedded GIFs in the email body.
  • Fixed an issue with non-default ribbon configurations that could lead to the Style Gallery not functioning.
  • Fixed an issue where the Resolve button was disabled when the focus was on a comment.

Excel - Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Insert Cells dialog in which double-clicking on one of the options was not applying the selected option and dismissing the dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling using a mouse wheel or touch pad wasn’t working if the last row or column in the sheet was hidden.
  • Fixed a problem where the Analysis ToolPak add-in did not work with certain Automation Security settings.

Outlook - Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was allowing users to be able to download protected attachments.
  • Fixed an error caused when forwarding large or long-running recurring meetings as ICAL.

Access - Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an error that was causing tables dropped into the query design or system relationship window to appear in a different location than where they were dropped.

Office Suite - Notable Fixes

  • Fixed a performance issue related to inserting or editing rows on some versions of Windows.
  • Fixed an issue related to the following scenario: when using Create Video to export a video from a presentation at the default OneDrive location, an error message would appear saying that the location is not available.
  • Fixed an issue where some documents were saving with an incomplete task pane.
  • We improved behavior during file save to a location requiring user access approval. The Grant Access screen should now appear to allow user access approval.


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