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Microsoft recently published a blog post where the company claimed that the Teams app has recently made a significant performance boost. They have come with some data, as highlighted below, that showed notable improvements in messaging and meeting experiences as seen today vs. August 2021. And this is based on the data from the 95th percentile of all desktop users in the world.


Microsoft Teams now runs much faster, says Microsoft


Statistical data of performance improvement in Microsoft Teams

  • When users scroll over the chat list, latency has improved by 11.4%
  • Scrolling over the channel list has improved by 12.1%
  • The time to switch to a channel and to open a chat window has been improved by 25%
  • Switching threads in the activity feed have improved by 17.4%
  • Switching between chat threads has improved by 3.1%
  • The mute and unmute audio response during a call improved by 16%
  • Navigating to the ‘Pre-meeting join’ screen has been improved by 9%
  • Opening a calling/meeting window loaded 4.5% faster
  • Once a user is in a meeting switching into a chat improved by 13%
  • Switching to the activity feed improved by 18.7%
  • Switching to a channel improved by 20%
  • Power consumption in meetings is reduced by up to 50%


We continue to focus and invest in Microsoft Teams performance optimization and value the customer and partner feedback that helps us to prioritize the most critical scenarios, says Microsoft, at the end of the blog post.


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