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WhatsApp has updated its UI for its "Linked new devices" function, as well as for its "Storage usage" section in the app. WhatsApp is also rolling out the revamped interface of the Linked Devices feature to iOS and Android, which is available to Business accounts. The catch, though, is that this revamped functionality will be accessible to only business account holders on both Android and iOS.


The latest release of the WhatsApp Business beta allows business users to rename linked devices with a business account using the latest WhatsApp Business beta version, ver. on Android, and on iOS.


WhatsApp to soon allow you rename linked devices


WhatsApp currently allows business users to create shortcut links to let their users reach out directly to them just by opening a link, but a new premium feature will let businesses create a personalized, easily remembered link. The blog site says that a "Link a device" button would let users create new sessions using WhatsApp Web on other devices. Allowing means you will be able to use WhatsApp on a Windows 10 desktop, or on any other linked device, without your main device is nearby. As its name suggests, WhatsApp Multi-device Support allows you to use WhatsApp across multiple devices simultaneously (four devices, to be exact).


It is worth noting that the WhatsApps multi-device support beta is currently live for Android users only. The leaked screenshots from WhatsApp also revealed a few of the use cases (for businesses) the multi-device functionality would help with, like allowing multiple customer service representatives to speak with one user. Make sure you upgrade WhatsApp to the latest available beta version to receive the feature, and if it is not available to your account, hold off on a few other updates, since it will roll out to more users in the coming weeks.



Currently, you can connect up to 4 devices when using the Multi-device feature, but if you sign up for the WhatsApp Premium plan, you will be able to connect up to 10 extra devices, according to the trusted WhatsApp source WABetaInfo.


This custom link will remain business-exclusive, and WABetaInfo further added that the manager of a business will be only able to edit a custom link once every 90 days. The option to give a custom name to the devices we are linking is yet another tool for businesses that helps businesses know which devices belong to them, something not present in the default WhatsApp accounts. The ability to assign a custom name to our linked devices is another business tool designed to help businesses understand who the device belongs to, and it is not available to standard WhatsApp accounts, she added. To show contact names, WhatsApp needs permission to access your android phone's address book.


In many cases, the issue with contact names not appearing on WhatsApp can be solved by refreshing the WhatsApp contacts on your Android Phone or tablet. This will refresh the WhatsApp contact list, and if this fix has worked, you should now be able to see the contact names appearing in WhatsApp. If WhatsApp continues to show phone numbers instead of showing contact names, you should be able to solve the issue using the methods provided below. If access to contacts is denied, then WhatsApp will have difficulty gathering names, and it is possible that when you are communicating with other WhatsApp users, you may be seeing phone numbers instead of contact names.



Although WhatsApp will update your contacts list automatically upon WhatsApp reboot, you can still manually update it to see whether contact names were successfully renamed. It also uses your contacts name for anyone that you are interacting with, meaning that you may be changing someone's contact name on WhatsApp. If you are new to WhatsApp and have trouble telling the difference between the name of a WhatsApp account and the name of a contact, you can view how your WhatsApp account looks like when other users are looking at it, or just view other users. Your phone does not have to be connected in order to use WhatsApp on linked devices, but if you have not used your phone in more than 14 days, the linked device will log you out.


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