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These days, one cannot imagine a day without a smartphone. Hence, it is important to have a good battery backup for the handheld device. Although most smartphones these days have a 5000 mAh battery, sometimes even after charging the phone does not charge at all.


All the latest smartphones provide good service initially in terms of battery life, but the battery backup capacity decreases over time. But if you do these few things, the battery backup of the phone will last longer.


Few tips to solve battery draining issue in your smartphone
Few tips to solve battery draining issues in your smartphone


Many people complain that the life of the smartphone runs out quickly. There are many reasons for this. Almost all smartphones these days use a lithium-ion battery even though they come in a capacity of 5000 mAh or higher. Due to the use of these relatively light batteries, the size of the smartphone has become thinner.


If the phone is used for a long time, the battery backup gradually starts to decrease. Because every time you charge your phone, battery life and capacity gradually decreases. But how to get a longer battery backup on the phone for a long time? Find out in this report.



Tips to solve battery draining issue in your smartphone

  1. Don't drain your battery to 0%. Try to start charging again if it goes below 30% charge. In the worst case, you can go up to 20% charge.
  2. Many people charge their phones up to 100%. But it starts reducing the phone's battery capacity. So never fully charge the phone battery. Try to stop charging once it reaches 85% battery level. Few smartphones allow you to automatically stop the charging once it reaches an 85% charging level.
  3. Many people go to sleep at night by keeping their phones plugged into the charging point. As a result, even after the phone's battery is 100% charged, the charger remains connected to the phone. As a result, the battery of the phone gets very hot. This results reduction of the battery life. So, to improve the battery life of your smartphone, turn off the charging as soon as it reaches the limit.
  1. Many people charge their phones with a local charger. It gradually damages the smartphone battery. Charging the phone through a local charger reduces the battery life of the smartphone a lot. Continuously doing this will automatically reduce the battery capacity. Not only that, but it can also damage the motherboard of the phone. So avoid charging your smartphone with a local charger.
  2. Turn off your phone's WiFi while leaving home. After reaching the office, turn on the WiFi again. If you are out of the house all day, turn off the WiFi on your phone. This will save a lot of batteries.
  1. These days various apps track your location all the time. Your location information is continuously transmitted to various app developers through GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cell towers. So allow these apps to track location only while in use to improve battery backup.
  2. Many people keep the smartphone display extra bright. And the brightness of the phone screen consumes the most battery. So keep the display brightness low for more battery backup on the phone.
  3. If possible, turn on the Battery Saver or Ultra Battery Saver features of your smartphone. It reduces background activities which will drastically improve the charge of your phone battery.


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