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📢 VLC media player ban lifted in India

VideoLan has officially confirmed the lift of VLC Media Player ban in India and thanked Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) for giving legal support. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

The VLC media player is a free and popular media-playing platform. A few months ago, the VLC Media Player was officially banned in India due to some undisclosed reason. Now the Indian government has decided to lift the ban on the VLC Media Player.


This news has been first highlighted by Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) and later confirmed by VideoLAN on their respective official Twitter handles.


VLC media player ban lifted in India
VLC media player ban lifted in India


The Indian government had prohibited the free and popular VLC Media in India. Now the government has decided to lift the ban on the VLC Media Player after being banned for almost a few months. As the multimedia player is now back, people can again use it by simply visiting VideoLan's website.


Point to note that, back in October 2022, the VLC Media Player maker sent a legal notice to the Indian Government, asking them to provide the reason behind banning the service in India. According to the source, the company also threatened the Government by saying a plan to initiate legal proceedings if the Government can't provide proper reasoning for the ban.


The reason behind the ban is still unknown. Thanks to the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), who provided legal support to VideoLAN to get the ban lifted in India.


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