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The teaser for the OnePlus 11 has been made public by the smartphone manufacturer in an event as part of its ninth-anniversary celebration. An upgrade to the OnePlus 10 phone is being made available with the OnePlus 11.


The teaser indicates that the OnePlus 11 would have an LED flash in addition to a triple back camera configuration. Check out the specifications, release date, and pricing by reading on.


OnePlus 11 design revealed by the company: Check the specs, launch date, and price here
OnePlus 11 design revealed by the company


This teaser was posted by the company on Weibo. The teaser shows the Hazelblade branding on the phone's rear camera module, the layout of the camera module, and a preview of the available colour options. In other words, the OnePlus 11 will have a fantastic camera configuration. Along with the phone's teaser, other details about its specifications have emerged.



What are the specifications for the OnePlus 11?

According to the leaks, a 6.7" AMOLED panel will be included. Given that this is a flagship phone, it is no surprise that the screen will have a QHD+ resolution. In order to provide a smoother scrolling experience, it is said to support 120Hz screens.


A 48MP IMX581 ultrawide sensor, a 32MP IMX709 telephoto sensor, and a 50MP Sony IMX890 primary camera are reportedly part of the triple rear camera arrangement.


According to the rumours so far, the OnePlus 11 5G phone would enable 100W fast charging, an improvement over the 80W support that OnePlus provided in its previous generation. Under the hood, it might have a conventional 5,000mAh battery.



When will OnePlus 11 launch?

The OnePlus 11's official debut date hasn't been announced by the business as of yet, though. However, it is anticipated to arrive in India within the upcoming months. Because OnePlus has hinted at a launch in its native country, China might be the first place it shows up.


The phone may be introduced in India in the first half of January, according to leaks. The OnePlus 10 Pro was unveiled in January of this year, and by the end of March, it had arrived in India.



Price of the OnePlus 11 in India?

Although there hasn't been a price leak yet, anticipate it to be hefty. In India, the OnePlus 10 Pro had a starting price of Rs 66,999. The Pro model may not be released for this, according to rumours, and we may just see the ordinary model.


It's anticipated that the OnePlus 11 would cost a little less than the OnePlus 10 Pro variant.


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