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Microsoft Edge Dev Build 114.0.1793.0 is the latest update to the popular web browser, which includes a few significant fixes that are likely to enhance the user experience. One of the most significant improvements is the resolution of several crashes that have been reported by users.


With this update, Microsoft Edge Dev users can expect a more stable and reliable browsing experience, as the team has worked diligently to address these issues. In this post, we will explore the fixes and other changes included in the new Edge Dev Build.


Microsoft Edge Dev Build 114.0.1793.0 fixed some crashes
Microsoft Edge Dev Build 114.0.1793.0 fixed some crashes


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 114.0.1793.0?

Improved reliability

  • Fixed browser crash when clicking on the Workspaces menu after exiting full screen mode.
  • Android:
    • Fixed Read Aloud crash.
    • Fixed browser crash when tapping the Clear button on History hub.
    • Fixed browser crash after tapping on Undo after closing all tabs.



Changed behavior

  • Fixed can’t mute audio on inactive tabs with Vertical tab.
  • Android:
    • Fixed white blank wallpaper after existing Wallpaper center.
  • Fixed EnsureCoreWebView2Async not completing the load operation


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