Microsoft's newest PowerToys v0.72.0 release has announced some key upgrades and new features that aim to boost productivity and user experience. PowerToys, a set of utilities geared towards power users, has been transformed to a new level with substantial improvements, especially on reduced installed space, enhanced utility functionalities, and the addition of new plugins.


Let's take a closer look at the highlights of this release (Microsoft PowerToys v0.72.0) and explore the improvements made across various modules.


PowerToys v0.72.0: New Features, Bug Fixes, and Improved Utilities by Microsoft
Microsoft PowerToys v0.72.0


PowerToys Update: Improved Features and Enhanced Performance in v0.72.0

Reduction in Installed Space

In a major stride, Microsoft has significantly reduced the PowerToys' installed space. The utilities now share the same installed path, reducing the size reported in the Installed Apps screen from 1.15GB to 785 MB. In the File Explorer properties for the installation folder, the size has been scaled down from 3.10GB to 554 MB. This optimization is expected to free up valuable system resources and enhance application performance.


New PowerToys Run Plugin

The new PowerToys Run plugin, the "Value Generator," has been introduced in this update. Thanks to user @IHorvalds, this new plugin can generate hashes and GUID values, adding to the suite's robust functionality.



Improvements in PowerRename

PowerRename, which enables renaming files in bulk, has undergone substantial enhancements to support a larger number of files without crashing. This rework assures users of greater stability and efficiency when renaming a huge number of files.


Updates to Mouse Highlighter

The Mouse Highlighter has been upgraded with a new feature, courtesy of @hayatogh, that enables a highlight to always follow the mouse pointer. This feature adds to the utility's existing suite of functionalities, improving visibility and user experience.



A Host of Other Enhancements

Other improvements include fixes for known issues in FancyZones, File Locksmith, File Explorer add-ons, Hosts File Editor, and Mouse Pointer Crosshairs, among others. New settings have been added, and several UI tweaks have been made to enhance usability.


The installer has also been refined by refactoring the Monaco dependency inclusion and removing hard links. The installation files have been simplified now that many utilities use the same paths.



The PowerToys Run has received several improvements, with a new plugin, default input smoothing values changed to the recommended values, and fixing of tab navigation issues. A new character has been added in Quick Accent, and several fixes have been made in the Registry Preview.


The update also introduces development enhancements like project restructuring, the addition of scripts to CI, and updated dependencies across the solution.


Known Issues and Resolutions

Microsoft has identified potential issues with the new update. The Mouse Without Borders service might point to the wrong place due to changing paths in the installation folder. Users not running as an admin will have to enable service mode again after installation. However, Microsoft will send a toast notification if Mouse Without Borders is unable to start the service correctly.



In addition, File Explorer extensions changed paths might not load correctly until File Explorer and Preview Host processes are restarted. Therefore, Microsoft advises restarting the computer when possible after updating PowerToys.


End Notes

The PowerToys v0.72.0 release is a significant update with many improvements and fixes, showcasing Microsoft's commitment to providing tools that enhance productivity and user experience. Users are encouraged to update to this version for better performance and to benefit from the new features and improvements.



How to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys

You can download the newest version of Microsoft PowerToys from the Microsoft Store or from the official repository on GitHub. If you already have the Microsoft PowerToys installed on your computer, you can manually update it by navigating to the Settings page.


You can also download Microsoft PowerToys version 0.72.0 by clicking either of the following official links:


Please note that the links shared above to download the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys are official links hosted by Microsoft on the GitHub servers. It is still advisable to always scan with your antivirus software once you download something from the internet. Neither the author of this post nor the site will be responsible if something goes wrong.


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