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Microsoft has recently shipped an update to the Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11, available through the Windows Subsystem for Android™ Preview Program. With the update 2307.40000.2.0, users will now experience a boost in advanced settings, graphics reliability, and several other feature enhancements that were often requested by the community.


Windows Subsystem for Android (v2307) on Windows 11 gets improvements to advanced settings, graphics reliability and more
Windows Subsystem for Android (v2307) on Windows 11


What's new and improved in Windows Subsystem for Android version 2307.40000.2.0?

Upgraded Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings section of the Windows Subsystem for Android™ has received a significant upgrade. The update caters to Custom Microsoft.Windows.LAUNCH_URI intent is designed to facilitate the launching of apps on Windows via protocol activation.


The intent is primed to enable a seamless operation of Android applications on the Windows platform, which could potentially expand the utility of Windows 11 to include a wide range of applications previously exclusive to Android users.



Enhanced Platform Stability

Platform stability is a key aspect of the new update. The update brings with it stability improvements, which should help to ensure that the Android apps run smoothly on Windows 11, thereby giving users a more consistent and reliable experience.


Introduction of Vulkan API

An exciting inclusion in this update is the support for Vulkan API in preview. The Vulkan API, known for its high-efficiency, cross-platform access to graphics and computing on modern GPUs, is now made available for apps to utilize. Users can access this option via the settings app, which promises to elevate the performance of graphically-intensive Android applications on Windows 11.



Graphics Reliability Improvements

Understanding the importance of graphics reliability for a sublime user experience, Microsoft has made targeted improvements in this arena. These changes are designed to enhance the graphics performance of Android apps on Windows, thus offering smoother and more visually engaging interactions.


Updated Chromium WebView

The Chromium WebView has been updated to version 115. WebView is a critical component for Android applications that display web content or require browser-like functionality. With this update, Microsoft aims to improve the performance and security of these apps on Windows 11.



Android 13 Security Updates

With the constant evolution of cyber threats, staying up-to-date with the latest security updates is paramount. Microsoft, aligning with this philosophy, has rolled out Android 13 security updates to enhance the security posture of the Android apps running on Windows.



End Notes

In summary, the recent update to the Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11 manifests Microsoft's commitment to creating a seamless experience for users running Android apps on Windows. With advancements in areas like graphics reliability, platform stability, and security updates, Microsoft continues to make strides in integrating the Android ecosystem with its Windows platform.


Users of the Windows Subsystem for Android™ Preview Program are encouraged to install this update and provide feedback to help Microsoft in their ongoing quest to optimize the user experience.


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