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As avid tech enthusiasts, we've been closely monitoring the steady stream of updates Microsoft has been releasing for its Windows 11 Insiders. And while it's always exciting to see what's new and what's next, a notable discrepancy between the Dev and Canary Channels has become increasingly evident. Microsoft's recent launch of the Windows 11 update, Build 25967 for the Canary Channel, only further highlights this lag.


Curiously, features like the "Dynamic and Personalized Settings Homepage", which made their debut in the Dev Channel over three months ago, are only now making their way to Canary. Beyond this feature, let's delve deeper to see what are the other improvements the latest update brings to the table?


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 25967?
Windows 11 Canary Build 25967


What's new and improved in Windows 11 Build 25967?

A Streamlined Approach to Settings Management

The revamped Settings homepage in Windows 11 introduces interactive cards that group commonly accessed device and account settings. These cards are designed to provide the most relevant information and controls at users' fingertips.


In the initial release, up to seven cards will be available, with more to come in future updates. The cards cover various aspects of settings management, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient user experience.



  1. Recommended settings: This card adapts to individual usage patterns, offering timely and relevant settings options to streamline management tasks and save time.
  2. Cloud storage: Users can easily monitor their cloud storage usage and receive notifications when nearing capacity, ensuring they never run out of space.
  3. Account recovery: Enhancing security, this card helps users add additional recovery information to their Microsoft accounts, safeguarding against potential lockouts even if they forget their passwords.
  4. Personalization: This card puts customization in the spotlight, offering one-click access to update background themes and change color modes, allowing users to personalize their Windows 11 experience.
  1. Microsoft 365: Users can quickly check their subscription status and benefits, as well as perform key actions directly within Settings instead of navigating to the web.
  2. Xbox: Similar to the Microsoft 365 card, this card provides an overview of Xbox subscription status and management options directly within the Settings app.
  3. Bluetooth Devices: To simplify Bluetooth device management, this card brings Bluetooth settings to the forefront, enabling quick access and seamless connections with favorite devices.



Other Changes and Improvements in Windows 11 Build 25967

General Updates

With the recent update to Build 25967, Windows 11 users will no longer find the Cortana app. Microsoft has decided to end support for Cortana. For a detailed explanation and more context on this decision, click here.


Revamping Quick Settings

Windows is always keen on enhancing user experience. This time, they're experimenting with a new scrollable view for quick settings. This trial is currently available to some Windows Insiders in the Canary Channel. Instead of editing the list to incorporate new quick actions, users can now simply scroll through a comprehensive list and rearrange actions as they see fit.



Settings Adjustments

  • System Components Redefined: Previously, if you wanted to access System Components, you'd find them in Settings > Apps > Installed Apps. Now, they've been given their own space at Settings > System > System Components.
  • Gaming Updates: The well-known Xbox Game Bar has been rebranded. From now on, it'll simply be known as 'Game Bar' under Settings > Gaming.


Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) News

WSL enthusiasts, there's news for you! The September 2023 update for WSL is here and it boasts networking improvements in the recent Insider Preview builds.



Fixes and Improvements

  • System Stability: Recent Canary Channel builds had an annoying glitch causing Insiders to face bug checks (or green screens) while shutting down, logging out, or restarting. That's sorted now.
  • Enhancements in File Explorer:
    • Dark mode lovers faced a brief white flash when launching File Explorer – that’s now fixed. Moreover, a color glitch post switching between light and dark modes has been rectified.
    • Remember the times when explorer.exe gave you a headache due to random crashes? This update brings stability.
    • Ever faced inconsistencies in sorting within File Explorer folders? This won’t be a bother anymore.
    • A few users reported their desktop icons mysteriously turning into generic white icons. That ghostly behavior should now be gone.
    • The overall performance of File Explorer has been spruced up. Memory leaks that degraded performance over prolonged use have been plugged. Plus, those annoying times when tabs seemed endlessly loading? That's been sorted out too.


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