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  1. Dear sir I m a learner of vb 2015 and I also downloaded vb 2015 pro from your website at different location. Iso file has been downloaded by me but m unable to copy the downloaded file to my pendrive. Every time it shows an error that enough space to copy file is not available but my pendrive has 59 gb space available please suggest how can I copy the file

    1. Hello Arvind,

      If you have a 59 GB free space, it won't be an issue. Could you please share a screenshot of the available space and the error message, so that, I can check and confirm you.

      Kunal Chowdhury

  2. I'm sure you have fat or fat32 formated pendrive. In fat or fat32 format , i was unale to copy of my VS2013express too. then i tried NTFS file format on my 32GB pendrive, and it worked.

    1. FAT32 has limited space. Please check what was the size of your FAT/FAT32 pen drive and the size of your VS2013 Express.

  3. FAT32 formatted disk has some limitations. Its maximum disk size is 2TB, and maximum file size is 4GB. So if any file which size is more than 4GB then it can't be copied into it.


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