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Sometime your Silverlight application becomes too larger and creates a bigger XAP file. This causes issue while loading your XAP file for the first time as it increases the loading time for downloading the XAp. So, what will you do in this case? There is one answer: split your application in multiple projects which will create multiple XAPs and then use On Demand downloading feature.


Absolutely right, but you may sometime include 3rd party assembly references. In such case, storing them in a separate XAP and writing the code for downloading them on demand will be another hectic. So, what's the easy process? In this article we will learn the same. Read to know more and provide your feedback in case you need more information.

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Microsoft is going to release Internet Explorer 9 RTM on Monday, 14th March 2011. Currently it is in Release Candidate and if you want to try it out, can download the RC version from net. Internet Explorer 9 has lots of new features and enhancements which will give you much faster and secure web experience.


In this post, we will discuss about the history of Internet Explorer which will include various Internet Explorer versions and their features.

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You all might know about ReSharper tool. The current stable version of ReSharper is v5. The ReSharper team is currently working on their development to release the next version of ReSharper i.e. v6.

The new version of ReSharper has some cool new features like JavaScript, CSS and XAML support. It is currently in the early development stage and user has right to try out the new features and give feedbacks to improve them.

Yesterday I installed the new EAP release and tried out some cool feature. Among them one is: "Color support in XAML page". In this post, I am going to describe it to you. Read out the full post to learn about it.
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Today we have completed 2nd month of our activity in Silverlight-Zone.com and got a huge nos. of responses from the community. In two months we crossed 30K+ visitors count which is pretty good. Audiences are mainly from United States, India and United Kingdom, followed by France and Germany. I will appreciate everyone's contribution towards this blog to make it a great success.


Silverlight-Zone.com posts articles/news on Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, XNA, LightSwitch, XAML and Expression Blend etc. We are trying our level best to keep all of you updated on Silverlight-Zone.com. We are also publishing all those entries to Twitter and Facebook, whenever a new post has been submitted, keeping all followers up-to date. Find out more of February 2011 in this post.

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The Add Reference dialog is not a new one in Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools, but in this release they updated this dialog with Multi Targeting feature. What is this multi targeting feature? If you are using the new Add Reference dialog of Productivity Power Tools since it was released, you might find that, some dlls are not available there if your project is targeting Client Profile.



This post will discuss about this. Now, using the updated add reference dialog you can see all dlls which are not available in Client Profile framework. This also give you option to add those assemblies in your project. So, let's discuss on it.

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You might know about the Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools extension, which has several features on top of the Visual Studio's default IDE features. Recently, they released the new version which has some other benefits over the previous versions.



In this post, I am going to discuss on the Quick Find feature of the new Productivity Power Tools. Read the full post to know more about it.

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This is my 3rd day when I explored the Telerik RadControls for Silverlight. Today, I explored the Masked TextBox control of Telerik. It's a good one and gives several options to use.


In this article, I am going to describe you all the APIs of Masked TextBox control and the ways to use it to mask your input. Hope this will help you to understand the control in depth. As always, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome to improve my article content.

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Last week I started exploring Telerik RadControls for Silverlight. On Day 1 of exploration, I just gone thru the basic overview of Telerik RadControls and installation steps.


In this post, we will explore the BusyIndicator that comes with RadControls. The basic code is similar to what comes with Silverlight by default. The difference which catches the eye is the circular progress bar.


Let's start exploring it and see what are the properties available there and how to start working with this control.

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On 12th February 2011, I attended the Microsoft Imagine Cup Championship event in Mumbai, organized by MSPs and delivered a full day session on Silverlight.


Thanks to all who attended my session. Those who were unable to attend it for any reason, can view the slides online or can download it free to view it offline. Read the full post to know more about the event and download the slides for your offline view.

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Today, we have 12 news items posted in Silverlight-Zone. If you are a Silverlight, LightSwitch and/or Windows Phone 7 application developer, follow Silverlight-Zone for daily news update.


In this issue we have again 11 Authors. Today's posts are from: Vikas, Mahesh Sabnis, Abhishek Baxi, Jesse Liberty, Owen Williams, Jeremy Likness, Dave Isbitski, Windows Phone Geek, John Papa, John-Daniel Trask and Travis Pettijohn.

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