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Visual Studio post build event returns error MSB3073

Is your Visual Studio instance returning error code MSB3073 while executing the post build event? If you faced such error message and already spent time on investigating the root cause, you came to a proper landing page.


Recently, I too faced it and later noticed the cause which I am going to document here to save your further investigation time. Hope that helps.

Skype insiders program announced by Microsoft

Microsoft today announced the new insiders program for Skype. This will allow enthusiastic community members to test it and provide feedback to shape and enhance the Skype experience. This will be currently available for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android platform.


If you are such a community user, you can sign-up for it. You can also request for other platforms like Xbox and Microsoft will get back to you soon.

Git Basics: How to Reset your local Git repository branch?

Earlier we learnt how to fetch, pull and push the changes. We also learnt how to stash and clean your current working tree. But what if we want to reset the current HEAD to the original state and start from the beginning?


Today we are going to discuss how to do this with the ‘git reset’ command. Continue learning more about Git on my ‘Git Tutorial’ page.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14959 for Mobile and PC released

Microsoft released a new Windows 10 insider preview build 14959 for mobile and PC. Dona Sarkar, in an official blog post, announced the availability of the new build for fast ring Windows 10 users. Checkout the post to know what’s new and improved in this build.


Read the known issues before downloading this build. If you are stuck at 0% downloading build 14951, wait for the timeout to happen before attempting to downloading this build.

Git Basics: How to remove untracked files from the working tree?

I hope that, you are finding my posts on Git Basics/Git Tutorial helpful. In the last post on this series, we learned "How to stash the changes in a dirty working directory?". Today we are going to discuss how to remove untracked files.


Everyone needs to clean the working tree when some job is done or want to reset the directory. Let's learn how to do this using the command "git clean".

Windows 10 ‘Creators Update’ is planned to release in Spring 2017

During the big event on 26th October 2016, Microsoft made the announcement of it’s next major release of Windows 10. They named it as ‘Windows 10 Creators Update’, which we already know as ‘Redstone 2’ update. This release is going to be more focused on 3D, mixed reality and more.


Though the giant company didn’t announce the release date, but it’s planned to release sometime in Spring 2017 as free update.

Windows 10’s Registry Editor gets an address bar for easy navigation

Windows 10’s registry editor finally receives an update with the Insiders Preview build 14942 aired on 7th October for the Windows 10 Insiders in fast ring. It will give added value to the power users while navigating through the registry paths.


In this blog post, we are going to see the changes part of the Registry Editor on Windows 10 which may come with the next big update.

Git Basics: How to stash the changes in a dirty working directory?

I hope that, you are finding my articles on Git Tutorials helpful. Till now, as part of the Git Tutorial Series we learned about the changes, the commit to the staging area, viewing the working tree status and pushing the changes to the remote repository.


In this part of the tutorial series, we will learn how to stash the changes of a working directory and pop it where/when require. Lets start discussing about “git stash” command and it’s parameters.

Git Basics: How to push your commits to remote repository?

As of now, as part of the Git Tutorial Series we learned about the changes, the commit to the staging area and viewing the working tree status. Once we are fine with the local branch changes, we need to push it to remote repository.


In this part of the tutorial, we will learn how to push these commits/changes to remote. Lets start discussing about the “git push” command and it’s various parameters.

Future of Visual Studio LightSwitch

The Visual Studio LightSwitch team, in a blog post, announced an important update about the LightSwitch tool that was used to accelerate the development of line-of-business apps. They are going to draw a line to end this tool from the future versions of Visual Studio.


If you are developing apps using LightSwitch, it’s time for you to think and start planning for a smooth migration. Continue to read more about it.

Git Basics: How to show the working Git tree status?

In the last two posts of the "Git Basics" series, we learned how to stage changes and save/commit to Git remote repository. I hope, that was clear and easy to understand. Today we are going to see how to show the working tree status.


Let's continue learning the "git status" command today with the parameters that you need to know. Stay tuned to read more posts on Git Basics.

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