Wish you all a Happy New Year 2015

“Time and Tide wait for none” – seriously, how the year passed through and a new journey is going to start with fresh hope, fresh expectation by forgetting the past and thinking ahead. Thanks to all my friends, family members, blog followers and other known/unknown persons with whom I am connected virtually.


The year 2014 is over. We did many things in 2014 and let us do more in the coming year and deliver our best to our work. Thanks for all your support and feedback to my articles.

Solution: Internet Explorer crashes when debugging #Silverlight apps

Is your Internet Explorer crashing when you are trying to debug your Silverlight application from Visual Studio but runs perfectly when running without debug option set? This might be due to an update that Microsoft pushed recently via Windows Update service.


If you faced the same, this post will guide you to resolve it at the earliest. Continue reading to learn about the trick to resolve this. Share it with your friends. This might help them too.

What’s new in C# 6.0? - Expression-bodied function

Did you explore the latest of C# 6.0? It brought another new feature called “Expression-bodied function members” which will allow you to write expression bodies for properties, methods etc. instead of writing statement blocks. Thus reducing the code.


Today in this post, we will discuss about the new feature “Expression-bodied function members”. Read more to learn about it. Don’t forget to share the feature links in your network.

Microsoft releases Gestures Beta app for #Lumia #WindowsPhone

Microsoft released a new beta app named “Gestures Beta” for Lumia Windows Phone devices which enables you to interact with your phone device in different useful ways. If activated, you can gesture to manage your calls and silence your alarms.


In this post, sharing more information about the app and the link to download the app from the Windows Phone Store. Use it and share your feedback to Microsoft.

What’s new in C# 6.0? - Exception Filters

C# 6.0 brought another great new feature named “Exception Filters” along with Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6. If you didn’t try yet the preview version of the new IDE, go and grab it to get your hands dirty with the new features before it actually releases.


Today in this post, we will discuss about the new feature “Exception Filters”. Read more to learn about it. Don’t forget to share the feature links in your network.

Download #ReSharper 9 - Supports #VisualStudio 2015

Team JetBrains released the RTM version of ReSharper 9.0, a very popular productivity tool for the developers using Visual Studio IDE. The new release supports Visual Studio 2015 Preview and C# 6.0, along with many other new features and improvements.


In this post, going to share the 30-day trial version link which you can download to try the new bits. Also sharing the link towards the features. Continue to read more.

What’s new in C# 6.0? - Null-conditional operators

C# 6.0 brought a set of most useful features with Visual Studio 2015 Preview and .NET 4.6. If you didn’t yet explore the features, check out the embedded links within this post to learn what’s coming with it. Download the preview to get your hands dirty before you use in production.


Today in this blog post, we will discuss about a new feature called “null-conditional operators”, which will actually improve your productivity. Let’s start with it.

What’s new in C# 6.0? - nameof Expressions

Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6 and C# 6.0 came up with lot many features. If you didn’t try the new IDE, download the preview version in a non-production environment to get your hands dirty with it. You will definitely love the new features.


Today in this post we will learn about another new feature called “nameof” expression which will surely solve most of the problems a developer faces when playing with properties and notifications.

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