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If you are using Visual Studio 2015 and want to change the existing installation from the Programs and Features item in Control Panel, you may see an error message "Failed to install setup update - Error code: -2147205120" after you accept an online update.


If you face this issue while modifying your existing installation, here is the simple solution for you as a workaround to proceed with. Read more to know about the solution.


Solution: Failed to install setup update - Error code: -2147205120 (


Visual Studio 2015 installer simply throw an error message "Failed to install setup update. Error code: -2147205120. Please retry Visual Studio setup." and "Fatal error during installation." when you try to modify the installation from Control Panel -> Programs and Feature. This error happens when the installer prompts you to accept and important update to Visual Studio setup and you proceed with the update process by accepting it.


Visual Studio 2015 - Important setup update available (     Visual Studio 2015 - Failed to install setup update. Error code -2147205120 (


Do you know that, Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 is now available?


This issue occurs if the computer has a restart pending which needs to be performed before the Visual Studio installer runs it's update process. The simple solution or a workaround is just to restart your system at this moment and run the setup process again from the "Control Panel -> Programs and Feature -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 -> Change". I hope that the post was helpful to you and you overcome the issue that you were facing with the installer.


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