Just few hours left before the free upgrade to Windows 10 ends

The giant company "Microsoft" released Windows 10 last year, on 29th July 2015, offering a free upgrade from genuine Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 systems. The free upgrade offer is going to end on 29th July 2016 and will have a charge of $119 for upgrades.


If you didn't yet upgrade to the new operating system, just few hours left before Microsoft stops this free upgrade and apply a nominal charge. Why to pay, when you can grab it for free?


Just few hours left before the free upgrade to Windows 10 ends (www.kunal-chowdhury.com)


The upgrade process is simple. If you have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 genuine systems, you might have already seen the free upgrade offer popped-up on your system. In case you want to opt for this offer now, click the upgrade notification icon from the task bar and proceed with that.


If you upgrade before 29th July 2016, you will not only get this new operating system for free, but will also get the major update which is going to release on 2nd August 2016 as "Anniversary Update" for free of cost. Remember that, if you don't upgrade in next few hours, you have to pay $119 later to get Windows 10 upgrade.


In case you don't like the new OS, there will be still a chance to revert to your previous system within a month. After that, if you change your mind in future and want to install Windows 10 on the same configuration device, it will be free as well.


Make sure to connect your Microsoft Live ID after Windows 10 installation completes and you logged-in with the MSA (Microsoft Live ID). This will sync your device and make it eligible for future upgrade from an old Windows (7/8/8.1) to Windows 10 on the same system.



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  1. I hope that everyone who wanted to upgrade it did it in time until the free upgrade time to Windows 10 ended. It's a really cool and comfort OS, which is definitely better than the previous versions. With this OS is easy for students to search for custom writing essay services, acquire the new information and improve their knowledge as it's a really fast OS, easy to navigate and it has an intuitive interface. I'd recommend to everyone who still didn't upgrade their Windows to version 10 to do it asap, you won't regret it.

  2. I personally don't like Windows 10. Seven was a way better and faster and more reliable to user. I've lost my example of a narrative essay when Win 10 crashed.


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