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Some updates require you to reboot your system and sign-in to Windows in order to complete the installation process. This blocks you to use the system until the update process completes. Windows 10 helps you to prevent this by auto login to complete the update.


In this post we are going to learn, how to enable/disable this feature in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Continue reading to know more about it.


How to sign in automatically on Windows 10 after update (


Anniversary Update (version: 1607) is already there with lot many features. If you haven’t already received the upgrade notification, you can of course force the system to download the Windows 10 anniversary update.


This update provides you an option to auto login to Windows, when a system restart is mandatory in order to complete the installation process. Earlier to Windows 10, we can achieve this by setting Windows auto login mode to ON always. This could result an unauthorized access to your system kept alone. In Windows 10, when enabled, it will auto login by passing a token with your sign in information. This token is used to automatically sign in after a restart, finish setting up your PC, and then lock your PC to help keep your account and personal info safe.


So whenever a PC update requires you to restart the system, do so, have a small break until the process completes. When you come back from a break, by that time everything will be done without your system credentials and relock will happen to keep your system secure.


Now the question comes, how to do this? If you have Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed on your system, open the Windows Settings app by right clicking on the task bar. Click “Update & security” to open the Windows Update settings page.


Windows 10 Settings - Update and Security (


In the “Windows Update” settings page, scroll down to the “Update settings” section and click on the link labelled “Advanced options” as shown in the below screenshot:


Windows 10 Advance Update settings (


In the Windows Update “Advanced options” page, you can find a checkbox labelled “Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update”. Check the box as shown below, in order to enable the settings to auto login during restart while updating.


Windows 10 Advance Update settings to sign in automatically after update (


In case you want to disable this feature, just uncheck the said checkbox. Please note that, this option will not be available if your PC is joined to a domain or if work or email policies are applied to your PC. Also, turn ON the BitLocker when you are going to use this settings. BitLocker is recommended to enable in your system in order to keep your system secure.


Hope, the information provided above was clear and to the point with enough step-by-step screenshots attached to the post. In case you don’t want to upgrade to anniversary update, you can delay it for few months unless you are comfortable. I have a post on this: “How to defer Windows 10 Anniversary Updates?”, but it is advisable to upgrade to the latest version as it is more secure, reliable and stable.



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