The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is adding a new security feature for the web and desktop users. It will now let users confirm their identity using biometric information (Fingerprint, or Face ID) while linking a WhatsApp account on the PC or the web.


The new security feature is going to roll out in the coming weeks to safeguard your account and limit the chances of somebody using your account without your knowledge.


WhatsApp now requires biometric authentication for web and desktop users


Once rolled out, WhatsApp users on Android can use their fingerprint or face ID to link their account on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp desktop app. This security verification will pop up whenever users want to link their WhatsApp account to a new system.


After the service verifies your identity by biometric authentication, you will be prompted to scan the QR code with your mobile device. The feature will be active by default. In order to turn OFF this feature, you will have to completely turn OFF the fingerprint and/or face unlock.


Today we're putting even more security into WhatsApp Web and desktop, adding an additional layer of protection when you want to link your WhatsApp account to your computer. To do this, we're taking advantage of face or fingerprint unlock where it is available on the mobile phone operating system. In order to link WhatsApp Web or Desktop to your WhatsApp account, you will now be asked to use your face or fingerprint unlock on your phone, before scanning a QR code from the phone to link your device., WhatsApp said in their announcement.



For those who are concerned about biometric information, the Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp said that it cannot access the face and fingerprint authentication takes place on the user's device in a privacy-preserving manner. Hence, it won't have access to the biometric data stored on your device.


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