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Microsoft announces a new AI pair programmer "GitHub Copilot" for Visual Studio Code. This will help you to write better code by suggesting the entire block of code based on Machine Learning. At this moment, it is limited to Visual Studio Code in the Technical Preview stage.


GitHub Copilot works with a broad set of frameworks and languages, but at this moment it works better for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby and Go. To know more about the GitHub Copilot, continue reading further.



GitHub Copilot, your AI pair programmer for Visual Studio Code


What is GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is your AI (Artificial Intelligence) pair programmer. It is powered by OpenAI Codex, which is a new AI system created by OpenAI. Microsoft developed this plugin for Visual Studio Code in collaboration with OpenAI.


Here's how GitHub Copilot works


The OpenAI Codex has a broad knowledge of how people use code and is significantly more capable than GPT-3 in code generation. With the power of Machine Learning, this has been trained on a data set that includes a much larger concentration of public source code.



What can be achieved with GitHub Copilot

With the power of AI, GitHub Copilot provides suggestions for whole lines or entire functions right inside your editor. understands significantly more context than most code assistants. So, whether it’s in a docstring, comment, function name, or the code itself, GitHub Copilot uses the context you’ve provided and synthesizes code to match.


It also converts comments to code. Write a comment describing the logic you want, and let GitHub Copilot assembles the code for you.


Here's how GitHub Copilot works


Want to evaluate a few different approaches? GitHub Copilot can show you a list of solutions. Use the code as provided, or edit it to meet your needs.


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