Telerik TeamPulse - A Project Management Solution from TelerikTeamPulse is a project management solution from Telerik based on Agile best practices. You can manage your team project using this Silverlight based tool to actively collaborate between team members, track progress of project.


It is a web based Silverlight application, where you can track your project status and other information. In this post, I will share you details about this project management solution, link to download the installer and other stuffs. If you want to explore it, download the installer and setup the solution now.

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Here comes the Weekly Digest post at Silverlight-Zone.com. During the week (4th September to 10th September) we have submitted many posts on Silverlight (especially Silverlight 5), Windows Phone 7, LightSwitch and other related stuffs. Our motto is to deliver the already posted good articles/news to you as a single medium. Your continuous support to this boosts the energy to serve the community better.


In this post, find out the Top 5 posts visited at Silverlight-Zone. Most of the top articles were on Silverlight 5. Vikram Pendse is above the list this time with his awesome article on Silverlight 5's PInvoke, followed by the big list of Silverlight 5 features by Community Program Manager Pete Brown. If you didn't read that post, you should read it to find out more.

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Yesterday we discussed on Silverlight 5 RC Feature called PInvoke. Hope that was informative for you. We learned how to call system APIs from Silverlight application. We demonstrated this using In-Browser application, but you can use that for Out-Of-Browser too easily.


In Silverlight 4, if we wanted to access system drive or any files, we had to use the COM APIs and this was only applicable from Out-Of-Browser applications. In this article, we will show you the way to access system resources using PInvoke in Silverlight 5. You can call this directly from Browser applications as well as Out-Of-Browser applications. Read to know more.

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Silverlight 5 RC (Release Candidate) has been already released. There are some new features already included in this build. Among them, one most important feature is PInvoke. PInvoke means Platform Invoke. By using this, you can directly talk to system resources without using COM APIs.


In this article, we will explore it more and show you how to open the "Run Dialog" directly from the Silverlight 5 application. Here also, we will use In-Browser application which you can easily port to Out-Of-Browser.

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imageExpression Blend 5 Preview Ultimate is now available for Silverlight 5 Release Candidate. It supports only Silverlight 5 projects including Sketch Flow. You can install it side-by-side with Expression Blend 4. For more information, visit Microsoft Download Centre.


Direct link: Download Microsoft Expression Blend 5 Preview for Silverlight 5 RC

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imageFriends, as I mentioned last 2-3 days, the day finally arrives when I am going to Kick-Off the Giveaway contest for you. Yes, you heard correct. Telerik is going to give you a FREE License of RadControls Library for Silverlight which you can use for both Silverlight and LightSwitch application development. The prize value of the License of this library is $799 and you can get this absolutely FREE. Just you have to follow some simple steps to Win this license.


The contest will stay for just 5 days. Don't wait. Time is running out. Read the complete post and attend the contest to win this $799 controls library. Who knows, you will be the Winner!!!

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Yesterday in the blog post "Telerik RadChartControl for LightSwitch Application - Day 1 - Setup the Screen", we discussed about the prerequisite, setting up project, creation of Table and Screens for LightSwitch application. We created a simple screen of data grid from some data present in the table.


In this post, we will discuss on integration of Telerik Chart control in LightSwitch application. This will not only help you Telerik control integration but will help you to add your own UserControls into the screen. Don't forget to take part in the Giveaway, which Telerik is doing for my blog readers.

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If you are working on LightSwitch application, you may probably need to use UserControl or you may need to use Telerik controls or any other 3rd party controls. So, in such case, how will you add UserControls in LightSwitch application?


In this article series, I will show you how to add a UserControl in LightSwitch app using the Telerik RadChartControl. This will give you basic understandings of the use of RadChartControl.


At the end of the series, there will be a Giveaway of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight, which you can use for both Silverlight and LightSwitch application development.

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Last week, Microsoft released Silverlight 5 Release Candidate (RC). If you didn't yet download the bits and try out the new features, read the post "Silverlight 5 RC is now Available". During the week, we submitted blog posts from various sources to Silverlight-Zone.com on Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, LightSwitch, XNA and other similar categories.


In this blog post, find the top viewed 5 posts @SilverlightZone. "The WP7 Motion API" was the popular post. Read more to find out the complete list, as well as the Archive links of Daily News Headline.

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As of now, you might know that, Silverlight 5 RC (Release Candidate) has been released by Microsoft on 1st September 2011. If you are not aware of that, or if you didn't yet download the latest bits of Silverlight 5, visit "Silverlight 5 Release Candidate is now Available - Download Silverlight 5 RC" to know about this release as well as download the installer to start developing your applications.


So, what's new in this release of Silverlight 5? There are many but in this post, we will discuss about some changes in the Application settings for Elevated Trust for Out-of-Browser and In-Browser applications. What's that? Read more to know about this.

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Telerik MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

It's the early morning, when I received a mail from Telerik MVP Lead (Community Relations Manager) Holly Bertoncini stating that, I have been awarded as Telerik MVP for the Q2 of 2011. This is because of my contribution towards the Telerik (Silverlight) community.


Feeling good to add an additional MVP tag to my profile. Thanks to Telerik team for considering my work to reward me as an MVP. Also thanks to all my readers & followers, who supported me all the times.

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