The mobile commenting feature of OneDrive has been expanded to non-Office file types, including photos, videos, PDF documents, and over 300 other file types. Prior to that, the feature was only working for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.


You can now add new comments, view and reply to existing comments, delete comments, and perform more such operations on any of your OneDrive files from your Android device. Continue reading to know more about it and it's availability.


OneDrive for Android now adds ability to comment on any file


Microsoft recently adds many new features like differential sync for all file types, ability to include sensitivity labels, view version history of your files, delete locked files, selectively block document downloads, share documents in Review Mode, and more new features to OneDrive personal and business account holders.


Recently they have also added the ability to see the activity feed, add a caption and description to your photos, and ability to comment for OneDrive personal account holders on the web.



Now the company is adding some features for the Android users which will help them to put any comment to any files. There are over 300 file types that will get the mobile commenting support.


OneDrive's mobile commenting has a rich feature set that gives you the freedom to be virtually anywhere while staying connected. With mobile commenting you can:

  • Add new comments on files you own or those shared with you
  • View and reply to comments
  • Delete comments
  • Enable/disable comments
  • Get email notifications when there is a new comment
  • See a badge when there is a new comment activity
  • See the comment count on your files
  • See existing comments when you are offline



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