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As the security agencies have seen an increase in attacks against on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers, recently Microsoft released a one-click mitigation tool to help the customers of both current and out-of-support versions of on-premise Exchange Servers who are unfamiliar with the patch/update process.


Now the company has taken an additional step to further support the customers who are still vulnerable and have not yet implemented the complete security updates. To tackle the critical vulnerabilities in Exchange Server, Microsoft implemented an automatic mitigation tool within Defender Antivirus.

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Application Guard is an enterprise security feature that isolates untrusted documents in an exceedingly virtualized sandbox to guard your users against malicious and potentially harmful threats. When users encounter documents from untrusted sources that are not malicious, they will still be productive without fear about putting devices, data, or identities in their organization in danger.


To help protect your users against zero-day exploits and other advanced attacks through Office 365 documents, Microsoft announced the general availability of Application Guard for Office.

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Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Android now available in Public Preview. It will offer protection against phishing and unsafe network connections from apps, websites, and malicious apps.


If you have Android devices running Android 6+ and the Intune Company Portal app downloaded from Google Play, you can now sign up for a free trial of Microsoft Defender ATP.

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Sometime it's a question asked by people "What's the best antivirus product?" or "Do I need to install any 3rd party antivirus product on Windows 10?" etc. Ok, to answer this query, you must understand how much security you actually need.


In this post, I am going to answer this. Also, sharing some Microsoft recommended 3rd party good products which you can run (not mandatorily) as a primary antivirus software.

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