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How to read Microsoft PowerPoint document contents using C#/.NET?

Recently we learnt how to read Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel document contents (text only) using the interop APIs exposed by Microsoft. Now, what about reading the text content from PowerPoint slides? This can be achievable using another interop assembly file.


Today we will discuss how to extract the texts available in PPT files using 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.dll'. Code has been shared for your easy reference.

How to delete a tag from Git remote repository?

There could be some situation when you tagged your code in local Git repository and pushed it to remote and later you decided to delete the tag. This is simple to delete the tag reference from local, but how to perform the same in remote?


Today we are going to see the bash command(s) by which you will be able to remove the tag information from Git. Let's see, how!

How to read Microsoft Excel document contents using C#/.NET?

Recently, we learned how to read text contents of Microsoft Word document from a .NET application using the APIs exposed in 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll'. There may be a business requirement to read contents of Excel sheets too.


Today we are going to learn how to read Microsoft Excel documents. The complete source code has been shared for your easy reference.

How to read Microsoft Word document contents using C#/.NET?

There could be some possible business needs for your .NET application to read the text contents from a Microsoft Word document. This can be simply done using the APIs exposed in the dll named 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll'.


Let's have a quick look on how to do it using C#/.NET. Also find the complete source code shared here for your easy reference.

How to convert an Excel column into a comma separated list?

There are several instances when we need to make a comma separated text values from an excel column. There are different but pretty lengthy process that you can find, which will eat a no. of your valuable time to process the same.


So, what to do? Today we are going to learn a quick and easiest way to copy a column of data to a comma separated list. Continue reading to know more.

Windows 10 Creators Update will allow you to exclude driver updates

It happened some time when a forced device driver update caused serious problems to Windows installation. This may happen when your device doesn’t support the driver updates that has been pushed and thus no simple way to block them.


With the Windows 10 creators update, Microsoft will allow you to include/exclude the driver updates during Windows update. Continue reading to know more.

Windows 10 Creators Update will allow you to pause updates

You may already know that, Microsoft has aired the Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 15002 for PC. If you are a Windows Insider in the fast ring, you may have already received the first update of year 2017. This build has a number of new features and improvements.


Among all these, Microsoft had added option to temporarily pause Windows 10 update. In this blog post, we are going to discuss on this topic and the way to pause/resume it.

Another way to detect whether binaries are digitally signed (using C#)

Recently in a blog post, we discussed, how to detect whether an assembly is digitally signed using the C# programming language and System.Management.Automation.dll from Microsoft. That was one way to get the status of the digital signing.


Today we will learn another method to detect the same without using any additional dll references in our project. I hope that, it will much more interesting to learn.

Here’s how to detect whether an assembly is digitally signed (using C#)

Digital signatures are the public-key primitives of message authentication. In common words, hand written signatures are defined to put authenticity of a file. In digital word, it’s the digital signature binds a person/entity to the digital data.


In this blog post, we will learn how to detect whether an assembly (.dll or .exe) is digitally signed. We will use .NET/C# to identify the same. Continue reading to know more on this topic.

How to set a specific row color of a WPF ListView/GridView control?

Continuing the series of blog posts on WPF ListView/GridView control, today we will learn how to set the background color (more precisely, ‘the Style’) of a WPF ListView/GridView control’s row based on some specific parameter passed as the data.


You may want to give your user a proper visual by providing a different style to that specific row. Let’s discuss with a simple example.

How to align the column header in a WPF ListView/GridView control?

In general case, the header/title of a WPF ListView/GridView columns are aligned in the center and hence in many cases you will need to align the column header/title to left or right (based as per your business requirement).


Today we will learn how to do this in the XAML itself by creating a proper style for the column header. Continue reading to know the trick.

How to sort records in a WPF ListView/GridView control?

As we learnt, the 'ListView' control provides you the base to display a set of data items or records in a WPF application. In last blog post, we learnt how to group the records in WPF ListView/GridView controls and design the UI to group using the Expander control.


Today in this small blog post, we will learn how to sort the records easily. You can either choose to sort from XAML or code, but here we will discuss how to do it from code.

How to group records in a WPF ListView control?

Many time we need to show a set of records grouped by a specific field. If you are building Windows app using WPF control, it is very simple to implement using the List View control that we already discussed in the last blog post.


Today we are going to discuss how easy it is to add support for grouping in the list. Continue to know about it and implement the same with a simple example.

Here's how to detect installed 'Antivirus' software name (using C#)

In the last blog post, we discussed the C# code to detect whether any antivirus product is already installed in the system. In today's blog post we will learn how to retrieve the installed antivirus software name from the Security Center.


Continue reading to grab the source code and discuss more on the API set exposed by the Framework. If you have any queries, do let me know.

Here's how to detect whether any 'Antivirus' is installed (using C#)

Many time during app development, developers need to find out whether any Antivirus software is installed in client's operating system. In case it is installed, we may want to know the installed antivirus software name.


If you are looking for such code (using .NET/C#), you came to the right place. Here we are going to see the code to retrieve this information.

Visual Studio 2017 - 'Lightweight Solution Load' to shorter load time

If you have a big solution with so many projects in it, the all new 'Visual Studio 2017' provides a new feature called 'Lightweight Solution Load', that helps to reduce the solution load time and substantial improvement in memory usage.


Today in this blog post, we are going to discuss about this feature along with the option to enable or disable the 'Lightweight Solution Load' feature.

How to insert an element at the middle of a post using #jQuery?

There could be some possible business cases where we need to insert a HTML element inside a post. This should not be a static one but a dynamically injected at the middle of the article. So, what to do in such case? How can we insert it by writing some code?


Today in this blog post, we are going to see the same with the help of jQuery code. This will not only reduce the burden of writing huge code, but also give a better performance.

How to create an offline installer of Visual Studio 2017 RC?

During the Connect() developer event, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017 RC (Release Candidate). The said post contains all the Microsoft server links to download the public build, which is a web installer and you need to connect to internet while installing.


In case you need an offline installer to download once and install in multiple systems, here's the post to generate the offline installer. Continue reading the know more about it.

Visual Studio post build event returns error MSB3073

Is your Visual Studio instance returning error code MSB3073 while executing the post build event? If you faced such error message and already spent time on investigating the root cause, you came to a proper landing page.


Recently, I too faced it and later noticed the cause which I am going to document here to save your further investigation time. Hope that helps.

Git Basics: How to Reset your local Git repository branch?

Earlier we learnt how to fetch, pull and push the changes. We also learnt how to stash and clean your current working tree. But what if we want to reset the current HEAD to the original state and start from the beginning?


Today we are going to discuss how to do this with the ‘git reset’ command. Continue learning more about Git on my ‘Git Tutorial’ page.

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