Google kicked-off the Android 11 Developer Preview Program back in February 2020 and released few builds for the developers to test and prepare their apps and games. Just a few days back the company released Android 11 Developer Preview 3 (DP3) that brings a number of productivity improvements and fixes.


Now the company has released another Android 11 Developer Preview build (DP4) and updated the release schedule and delayed the release of the first beta.

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GitHub Codespaces is an online integrated development environment (IDE) which includes everything that you need to develop for a specific repository, including a text editor with syntax highlighting and autocomplete, a terminal, debugging tools, and Git commands. Microsoft announced the availability of this new tool to beta testers.


Along with this, the company also announced three more GitHub Collaboration tools. Here's everything that you would like to know about this announcement.

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Microsoft published the OneDrive Roadmap Roundup, where they have mentioned few new features rolled out to OneDrive as part of the April 2020 update. This update brings sensitivity labels to Office documents, view version history of a file right from the desktop, and the ability to delete locked files. To know more about the new features, currently rolling out to OneDrive, continue reading further.

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Most of us surf the Internet using the popular Google Chrome browser, be it on a desktop, a tablet, or any mobile device. When it comes to Android, the Google Chrome browser has plenty of features that you might not hear about.


In this post about Top 5 Google Chrome tips and tricks, we will explore those Chrome features which will ease your browsing experience on Android mobiles.

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With the release of Windows 10 build 19616, Microsoft adds the ability to access the media playing on your mobile device. You can now access it though the Your Phone Companion app, directly from your Windows 10 PC. The build also adds easy access to COVID-19 info in your search box.


To know more about the latest Windows 10 insiders preview build 19619, and how to access audio playing on your mobile, continue reading further.

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Microsoft recently confirmed that the "OneDrive Differential Sync" feature is now enabled for all file types and all customers. This will enable the OneDrive client to sync only a portion of the file that has been changed, resulting in minimal data usages while syncing files.


As the feature is now combined with on-demand sync, the OneDrive client will now sync only the files that you need and only the data that has been updated.

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On 27th April 2020, Xiaomi announced MIUI 12 which will bring revamped graphics, animations, new gestures, live wallpapers, privacy, and new accessibility features to a range of their smartphone devices. As the beta testing has been ended, the stable version is expected to roll out from June onwards.


The company said that the MIUI 12 will be supported on 40 Xiaomi smartphones in China, and they have published a list of devices getting this update. Check to see if you are one of them.

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Windows 10 comes with a number of "Optional Features", that are primarily intended for corporate networks whereas some of the features are useful to everyone. Windows 10 offers you the option to ON or OFF these optional features through the Settings app.


If you are looking for the steps to install or uninstall these optional Windows 10 features, here's how you can do this. Follow the steps mentioned below.

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Google has started rolling out the third developer preview build of Android 11 to Pixel devices. According to Google, this update offers a number of productivity improvements and bug fixes. This update also brings security patches for April 2020.


If you are using either of Google Pixel 4 / 4XL, Pixel 3a / 3a XL, Pixel 3 / 3 XL, and Pixel 2 / 2 XL device, you can download Android 11 Preview 3 before the final release comes in Q3 of this year.

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Forced dark mode for web contents is a feature that came with Google Chrome version 78. As the new Microsoft Edge browser also uses the chromium engine, it also inherits this feature. Many of you might not know about this feature and how to enable it in Microsoft Edge.


This feature can be turned ON by enabling a browser flag. In this post, we will be discussing the step-by-step process to enable forced dark mode in Microsoft Edge browser.

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