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Link to Highlight Text is a new feature that Google is adding to its popular Chrome browser. It will help you to easily copy a portion of a page and share it as a link. The other person clicking the link will see the exact section that you wanted him to see. Thus, it will make it easier to get the attention of that person to that selected text.


The feature is currently rolling out to Google Chrome browser on desktop and Android devices. Google said that it will soon roll out to iOS users. To learn more about the feature, continue reading further.

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Google is rolling out a new feature for Google docs that will improve the multi-user document collaboration. The announcement came in an official Google Workspace blog post, which will now display an "Out-of-Office" banner when replying to or mentioning a user in a Google docs comment.


The feature is rolling out for GSuite and Google Workspace subscribers. To know more about the feature, continue reading further.

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Google Photos is getting another brand new feature called Cinematic Photos which will have the option to make a 3D-like impact on a portion of the pictures. When you open the Google Photos application, this component will be accessible in the memory section of the same.


Once you update the Google Photos app, the new Cinematic Photos will be visible in your latest highlights at the top of the photo grid.

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Without any public announcements, Google often tests new features in the Google Chrome browser. Most of the time these features being introduced are available through hidden experimental flags. Some other time the company releases new features to a limited set of users to get early feedback.


Now, Google is working a different way to provide early access to the experimental features to users. This is called "Chrome Labs" in the latest Chrome Canary build.

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browser named before Microsoft Edge. Recently the search giant releases Chrome version 87. The latest update comes with many new features and security improvements that will improve your web browsing experience.


The latest version of Google Chrome said to be the last major build of 2020, is the biggest release for Google Chrome. Here are the top 5 reasons that will make it more powerful.

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The new Microsoft Edge is a chromium-based browser for Windows and thus the company also adding some features to Chromium core that inherits to both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, benefiting a large set of users.


In the last post, we discussed how to enable Windows Spellchecker in Microsoft Edge, and in this post, we will be discussing how to enable it on Google Chrome.

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Since February 2020, Google released multiple developer previews for the upcoming update to Android. Now the OS has reached the beta phase and brings several new features that the company has categorized into three themes: People, Controls, and Privacy.


Android 11 beta also brings chat bubbles, improved media controls, and improved control over sensitive permissions. To know more about the latest update of Android 11 Beta 1, its features and supporting devices, continue reading further.

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Google kicked-off the Android 11 Developer Preview Program back in February 2020 and released few builds for the developers to test and prepare their apps and games. Just a few days back the company released Android 11 Developer Preview 3 (DP3) that brings a number of productivity improvements and fixes.


Now the company has released another Android 11 Developer Preview build (DP4) and updated the release schedule and delayed the release of the first beta.

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Most of us surf the Internet using the popular Google Chrome browser, be it on a desktop, a tablet, or any mobile device. When it comes to Android, the Google Chrome browser has plenty of features that you might not hear about.


In this post about Top 5 Google Chrome tips and tricks, we will explore those Chrome features which will ease your browsing experience on Android mobiles.

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Google has released the first developer preview build of Android 11. It brings enhancements for foldable phones and screen types, camera capabilities, privacy-centric tools and more. If you are a developer, you can now download Android 11 preview build and start testing your applications.


Google also publishes the Android 11 release schedule. Continue reading to know about the release schedule and download the latest Android 11 build.

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Incognito Mode in Google Maps is another step towards securing your privacy while navigating from one place to another and you don't want to your activities being tracked by some one. When you enable it, none of your Google Maps related activities will be saved in your Google account.


In this post we will learn how to enable incognito mode in Google Maps and ensure your privacy remains safe while navigating.

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Google announced that they are soon going to roll out some new features on Chrome browsers, which will help you to better manage the open tabs and themes. If you are a user having too many tabs opened at a time, this feature is most likely for you.


Apart from that, they are also bringing faster search, browser color customization tool and other new features in coming days.

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Google, on a blog post announced that they are bringing the password-less authentication to Google Chrome application on Android. Initially the feature will be restricted to few of their services on Pixel devices, but gradually will be available to others as well.


Are you excited to have this secure authentication on your? Checkout this blog post to know the prerequisite and the way to try it now.

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Google is working on a new feature called Never Slow Mode, which is expected to be release soon in Google Chrome browser. This feature will let the heavy weight web pages to load faster by trimming down the resources.


Alex Russel, who is heading this feature development, has given an initial outline about this feature's working process.

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In today's world, safe guarding your online accounts from hijackers is a crucial part of life. In the past we have seen many data breaches where millions of users personal data like username/password were compromised.


On the event of Safer Internet Day on 5th February, Google announces a new extension "Password Checkup" for Chrome users to warn user if the entered credential is in Google's unsafe database.

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Starting with the release of Google Chrome version 68, in July 2018, it will mark the unencrypted sites as "Not Secure". That means, if you have a website that does not have SSL certificate, Google will start notifying the users that the site is not secure.


To provide a safer experience to your users, you must install SSL certificate and start serving your site in HTTPS protocol.

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The world is big and there are various currencies available for various countries. Some time we need to convert an amount from one currency to another, some time we want to see the current market price of one currency to other. Maximum time we need to check the USA market value in terms of US dollar.


To do this, we generally search in Google to get the current market value of currency. Now think a scenario when you want to integrate it in your application. In this post I will discuss about the converter API and how to retrieve the result using JSON.

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