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Good news for Insiders! A new Windows 10 PC build (16266) is now available to the fast ring insiders, after the last build released two weeks ago. This build includes a no. of new changes and improvements, along with many fixes.


Don't forget to read the 'Known Issues' before downloading this build. Sharing here the key improvements, that you can see after installing it.

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Dona Sarkar, the new chief of Windows Insiders division, in a blog post announced the availability of new Windows Insiders build for both PC and Mobile devices. They numbered it as build 14383. Microsoft already started airing this build.


If you are a fast ring Windows Insiders, do check for updates to get the notification. But before that, you may want to check what got fixed and what not. Continue reading to know more.

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You might be aware of the Reader Mode / Read View in latest web browsers. This feature enables you to get out of the distracting elements while reading a content of a web page. Microsoft Edge provides a small book icon in the address bar to help you to create a clutter-free layout.


Along with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17711, Microsoft added additional themes in reader view to make your browsing eye-comfortable.

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After the release of Windows 10 Redstone 3 build 16184 last week, Windows Insiders in the fast ring got their next preview build 16188 for PC today along with Mobile build 15210. This PC build includes a lot many new features and enhancements that you want to try.


Before going to download the new preview build from Redstone 3 development branch, don't forget to checkout the 'Known Issues'.

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Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Insiders Preview build 14352 to it's fast ring Windows Insiders. If you are a insider and in the fast ring, check out for Windows Update to get the latest build to try before the final release and provide feedback to Microsoft.


Check out what has been improved, what has been fixed and the issues already known to Microsoft before upgrading to this build.

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The latest build of Windows 10 Insiders Preview brought a set of new features and announcements. Among them, Microsoft Edge got a bunch of new changes that includes ability to add all open tabs to favorites from a single context menu.


In this short post, we will learn how to add all the open tabs to it's favorites list. Continue reading to know more.

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Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 has a quick and simple settings page to import favorites and other data from different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). Based on the installed browsers list, it will provide you the option.


In this quick tip on Windows 10, we will learn how to import the information from other installed browsers. Do let me know, if this was helpful.

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Microsoft Edge is the new web browser on Windows 10, came with a completely new interface and has better speed than other browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome etc. As the UI of Microsoft Edge is different than the Internet Explorer, you might get it little difficult to find all it’s settings and features.


If you are using this new browser and looking to clear the browser history, saved passwords, browser cache and other browsing data, here is how to do this. Continue reading to know about it further.

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Microsoft released Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 17711 to the insiders in the Fast Ring and also to those who opted for Skip Ahead. This build focuses key improvements to Microsoft Edge, Fluent Design, Display and Registry Editor.


Continue reading to know what's new in Windows 10 insiders preview build 17711. Before upgrading, make sure to read the known issues.

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Just after 3 days of announcement of Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 15002 for PCs, Microsoft announced one more build for fast ring users. The new build is numbered as 15007 and targeted for both PCs and Mobile devices. The new build has no. of new features/enhancements.


Before downloading the new build, check out the features list as well as the known issues currently available in this build. Continue reading to know further.

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Along with Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10581, the giant company also released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10576 for PCs. This is the first time when Microsoft released Windows 10 for both the platform. This build features few new changes along with a bunch of bug fixes and improvements.


If you are a Windows Insider in fast ring, you might have already got the notification about this update. Sharing here the new features set, list of bug fixes and known issues.

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Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14322 for fast ring Windows Insiders. This build is directly from the development branch and will be available only to a list of devices which are capable to receive this.


This build consists of new enhancements, bug fixes but also has some known issues, as it is a developer preview version. Continue reading to know more about it.

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Good new for Windows Insiders! Microsoft released a new build (Windows 10 Preview Build: 17035) for the insiders in the fast ring as well as to the insiders who opted in to Skip Ahead. But, due to a bug, PCs with AMD processors won't get this build.


If you are running an insider build, check for updates to get the new build, as it contains many new improvements. Don't forget to see the release notes and known issues.

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As Windows 10 Anniversary Update has already been released, in this post we are going to see one of the key feature of this updates. Whenever we try to download something using Microsoft Edge, the file gets downloaded in the default download folder, if we ourself do not mention the path.


As one of the key features of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can now change the default download folder as your desire. You can follow the below mentioned steps to do so.

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Microsoft has released another new build of Windows 10 to the fast ring users of Windows Insiders, numbered as 10547. This new build introduces new features and improvements, as well as bug fixes. As this is a preview build, it definitely has some known issues and already mentioned in release posts by Gabe Aul.


This post is just an announcement along with the features list, list of fixes and known issues. Before going to download via the Windows Update, check out the issues list.

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It’s a weekend but the Microsoft Windows team is busy on releasing a new insiders preview build 14385 for fast ring users. This build is now available for both PC and Mobile devices, with a wide range of fixes that you might have waited for.


If you are a fast ring Windows Insider, check out for new update, try the bits and give your feedback to Microsoft. But before that, you would like to check for fixes available in this build.

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Microsoft has released a new cumulative update (OS build: 10586.164) for Windows 10 version 1511 on 8th March 2016. If you are not part of Windows Insiders program and in the public release ring, you will get this update through the Windows 10 update service.


This updates includes improvements and security fixes only. No new features were introduced. This post will give you a basic overview of the key changes.

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On 12th November 2011 (Saturday) I will be presenting Technical Session on “Windows Phone 7” at Kolkata Developer Conference (DevCon) 2011 organized by Microsoft User Group Kolkata (KolkataGeeks). It is the premier technical event for technology professionals at Kolkata interested in learning, connecting and exploring latest Microsoft technologies.


This is also going to be community Launch event for Microsoft Office 365. So be there and enjoy the flavour of cutting edge Microsoft technologies. Read out more to find about the session details.

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Microsoft gone one step ahead in order to release their Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This time they announced new insider preview build 14316 with many new exciting features. If you are a Windows Insider and configured your system to get fast ring updates, checkout for the new build.


If you want to know what has been newly introduced, what has been fixed and the known issues currently there in this preview build, continue reading while it downloads the updates.

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The wait is now over for Windows Insiders in the fast ring. It's been 3 weeks since the last build was released for PC users. Microsoft, in a blog post, announced the availability of the new build 16215 for fast ring PC users.


If you are an insider, there's a plenty of new features and fixes available for you to try this weekend. Don't forget to check the known issues.

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