Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code version 1.51 (October 2020 Update) with many new features. The key features of this build include more prominent pinned tabs, custom hover effects on extension trees, resizable suggestions, better source control integration, TypeScript 4.1 beta support, and more.


Here you can find the direct links to download the latest update of Visual Studio Code (VSCode) version 1.51 from the Microsoft server. Continue reading to learn what's new and improved in this version.

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Java codeless application monitoring is all about simplicity. Using the Java agent, you can monitor all of your Java applications hosted in any environment without performing any code changes. Microsoft now made the Java 3.0 agent for Azure Monitor Application Insights publicly available.


The Java agent can be enabled through just a couple of configuration changes, and it instantly enables powerful functionality and benefits. Continue reading further to know more about it.

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Predictive Text is an input technology that facilitates typing by suggesting and inserting the words as you type. When enabled, it reduces the number of keys that the user has to type while writing. This feature you can see enabled on mobile, and on some sites like Gmail, Outlook.com.


If you are wondering, Windows 10 also comes with the Predictive Text feature, but that is enabled by default for tablets. If you are using the Windows 10 desktop mode, you can enable it by following the steps below.

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Back in August 2020, Microsoft added the ability to run Android apps on your Windows 10 PC using Your Phone app. At that time, it was possible to run only one app at a time. Now the feature is getting improved by allowing you to run multiple Android applications at the same time.


The feature is gradually rolling out to Windows Insiders, and it may take a few days to be enabled for you. To know more about the supported Android mobiles, continue reading further.

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Recently Microsoft released a new Office Insiders build for Android users. The latest Office Insiders build 16.0.13426.20082, released on November 2, adds three new features to the Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook client.


The new features include Read Aloud in Word, create a PowerPoint slide deck from outlines, create emails & calendar events using voice commands. To learn more about the features, continue reading further.

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Microsoft released a new Dev Channel build of its popular Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser to the Edge Insiders. The new Edge build 88.0.685.3 comes with support for pre-rendered new tab pages on Linux, and support for the management policy to Configure Friendly URL Format.


Apart from these two new added features, Microsoft Edge build 88.0.685.3 in the Dev Channel also comes with several bug fixes. You can find the complete changelog of the build below.

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Git is powerful, and without any doubt, it’s one of the most popular version control systems. There are many Git best practices, and Git tips are there which can help you to save your time. If you work with Git repositories to manage your codes and resources, you might be familiar with the commands that are commonly used.


And in this post, I will share 5 Git tips (and infographics) that will boost your productivity to the next level. So, let's dive into the actual discussion. Share it with your peers if it is helpful.

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In mid of August 2020, Microsoft introduced an improved update experience on Windows 10 PCs to help you discover the available Windows 10 feature updates, monthly updates, and driver updates. Now, to provide you more control, the Redmond-based software giant is redefining the way drivers are being installed on your Windows 10 systems.


With these improvements in place, you will see a clear distinction between automatic and manual updates in Windows Update, completing the transformation of driver servicing.

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Microsoft's revamped Edge interface is clean and stylish. It provides you a world-class performance with more privacy, more productivity, and more value while you browse the internet. You can now get the latest Microsoft Edge update for your business, school, or organization with multi-platform support in over 90 languages.


In early October 2020, Microsoft Edge 86 was released, and after that, build 86.0.622.58 is the 6th and latest stable build of Microsoft Edge 86. Here you can find the direct links to download the latest offline installer of Microsoft Edge.

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Microsoft released a new version of PowerToys, giving more focus to stability, localization, and quality of life improvements for both the development team and the end-users. The latest PowerToys version 0.25 adds a long list of fixes and stability improvements to all users.


Though the new version still doesn't include the long-awaited Video Conferencing utility, Microsoft states that it is just a week's time to ship it to the end-users as the team is currently doing last-minute development works.

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