Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22454.1000 is now rolling out. The latest build comes from the active development branch (RS_PRERELEASE) and adds few new enhancements and a long list of bug fixes in various parts of the operating system.


If you are a Windows Insider in the Dev Channel, you would like to upgrade to this build by clicking the "Check for Updates" button on your Windows Update Settings page.

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Back in May 2021, during the //BUILD/2021 event, Microsoft announced the ability for Microsoft Teams users to purchase any third-party Teams app subscriptions directly from the Teams app store. From within the store, users can view subscription plans offered and go through the checkout process to pay with a credit card.


This feature is soon going to roll out to the Microsoft Teams users and the tenant admin can enable or disable their users' ability to discover and install third-party applications that require third-party subscriptions.

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If you are using laptops in daily work and travel frequently for business meets, your laptop battery stands in a very vital role. It should give you a better battery backup so that you don't have to charge it every now and then.


Like all other electronics, your laptop battery also degrades over time and place you in a situation when you have to replace that battery to ensure that it provides you sufficient backup during your travel.

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A month after the release of Microsoft PowerToys 0.43 for Windows 10, Microsoft now came up with a new build. That's Microsoft PowerToys 0.45.0. This release is primarily centered around stability updates and optimizations, installer updates, general bug fixes, and accessibility improvements.


In this release, Microsoft worked extensively with the community to build an updated settings menu UI. This UI update takes advantage of the latest styling elements to provide users with a refreshed, modern experience navigating the various utilities and their settings.

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Fortnite is filled with flashy cosmetics, a key reason why it’s so popular among current players. The shop sees weekly rotations of hundreds of these items. However, some items have not appeared in the shop for years. Now even the battle pass offers exclusive items which are unobtainable to new payers.


The only way to get them is to buy a Fortnite account from other players, and there are plenty of Fortnite accounts for sale on the internet.

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Windows 11 Build 22449 that was released yesterday to the Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel from the active development branch, had an issue with the Taskbar, and Start menu. After installing the build, insiders started reporting issues with the non-responsive Start and Taskbar.


Microsoft quickly checked and discovered an issue with the server-side deployment that went incorrect. The company now provided a quick fix to get back into a working state on your PC. Follow the steps as stated below.

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Microsoft releases a new Windows 11 build, but this time it has been limited to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. That’s because Microsoft is now moving the Dev Channel back to receiving builds from the active development branch (RS_PRERELEASE) and thus it will no longer match the Windows 11 experience that's going to release on October 5th.


The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22449 comes with a change in the SMB compression behavior. It also adds a long list of other changes, improvements and bug fixes. If you are on the Dev Channel, upgrade to this build now.

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Back in June, Microsoft started delivering Windows 11 Preview Builds to the Windows Insiders who were already opted into the Dev Channel. Since then, all supported and unsupported devices in the Dev and Beta channels were offered the Windows 11 builds.


But now, that's going to end. Microsoft just made a decision to stop flighting preview builds to the unsupported devices and booting them out of the Windows 11 insiders program.

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Yesterday, Microsoft announced the official release date of Windows 11 and said that it will roll out in a phased manner to all compatible Windows 10 devices as a FREE Upgrade. If your system meets the minimum hardware requirements, you can expect it on your system by mid-2022.


Along with this news, there is also a piece of bad news that the Android apps support on Windows 11 won't be part of the first release. Microsoft is yet to start testing this feature with Windows Insiders, which will begin in the coming months.

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Windows 11, which was officially announced in June, is currently available as "Preview Build" to the Windows Insiders in the Dev and Beta channel. Microsoft today confirmed the release date of Windows 11. According to the official announcement, Windows 11 will be released on .


Windows 11 will begin rolling out as a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 PCs that meet the minimum system requirements set by Microsoft.

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The OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3 is now supported in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint alongside the Office Open XML (OOXML) format that uses file extensions such as .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx. The ODF 1.3 specification adds support for many features already supported by the OOXML format, and now these features can be saved by Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


With the latest Microsoft Office build 14420.20004 (version 2109) Microsoft previewed two new features to Office Insiders who are in the Windows Beta Channel. For more information on what has been changed (changelog), continue reading further.

Microsoft recently updates its minimum system requirements for Windows 11 that now adds some 7th generation Intel processors to the compatible processors' list. The new list includes Intel's 7th generation Core X-series processors, Xeon W-series processors, and the Core i7-7820HQ processors.


If your system contains any of the newly added compatible processors, good news for you! You may now receive the Windows 11 update if all other minimum requirements are met as it was originally set by Microsoft.

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The popularity of online betting in 2020 and 2021 means that many people are thinking about starting new betting sites. The legalization of online betting in various parts of the United States makes such an endeavor even more appealing.


The question that many prospective site owners may be asking is how to create the best possible betting site. Is there a specific computer programming language that would work best for such a purpose?

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Windows 11 Build 22000.168 is now rolling out to the Windows Insiders. The new build comes as “2021-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5005191)”, and is available to everyone in the Dev and Beta Channels.


In this new build, Microsoft introduced a new Microsoft 365 Widget which will bring relevant documents, news, and meeting recordings to the enterprise users. Excited about this build? Check to find more.

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SSD stands for Solid State Drives. SSD is a modern storage device used in computers. SSDs are more effective because they use flash-based memory from the computer system, which is relatively faster. SSDs are significantly popular as storage devices because they have less reading time and a quick response time.


Although SSDs find an application in almost all digital communications now, their most critical applications are concentrated in the business and gaming industries, including servers.

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TypeScript is an open-source programming language, which extends JavaScript to bring static types to modern JavaScript. TypeScript language is designed, developed, and maintained by Microsoft to provide developers the ability to develop JavaScript applications for both client-side and server-side (Node.js) execution.


Microsoft announces TypeScript 4.4, which adds some new features and enhancements. Here's everything that you would like to know about the new features which are part of this release.

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Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community 2019 edition in Microsoft Store for Windows 11. That means if you are a Windows Insider and currently running Windows 11 Preview either from Dev Channel or Beta Channel, can now download Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community 2019 from the revamped Microsoft Store.


These are free offerings from Microsoft for the developers who want to build applications regardless of the app framework and packaging technology. For others, who are not yet on Windows 11 can download Visual Studio Community 2019 for free from here (official Microsoft download link).

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Alerts are the basic unit of information for cybersecurity defense which are used by security teams to make critical real-time decisions. Every security layer or product can generate alerts, essentially a way to tell a human operator that some threshold or policy has been breached.


Without them, defenders would be blind, forced back to security based on static, restrictive policies or assumptions.

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In the last few Microsoft Office builds (version 2109), Microsoft added several new features that include a new Navigation pane, improved scrolling and search; WebP image support; and a new collaboration feature. Office Insiders who are in the Windows Beta Channel had already received those updates.


This week, Microsoft released another new build for Microsoft Office version 2109. In the latest Office build 14416.20006, you won't see any new features, but adds a list of fixes along with the fix for the auto-save bug. Here's the complete changelog.

The first-ever ISO images of Windows 11 (Preview) from Microsoft are now available for download. Those who are looking for an offline installer to perform a clean installation of Windows 11, can now do it without upgrading from Windows 10.


To download the official Windows 11 ISO image for a clean installation, you will need to be a Windows Insider. Here's how you can download it from the Microsoft site.

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